9 08, 2020

Black Cockatoos of WA

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Marsupials tend get the spotlight, but one of Australia’s crowning glories has to be our parrots. Especially our cockatoos. They are colourful, characterful, noisy, beloved, and ours. But some of them, to our national shame, are now endangered.     In Western Australia, centuries of land clearing for wheat and other European-style farming enterprises have stripped the landscape of essential habitat. Carnaby's, Baudin's & Forest Red Tail Black Cockatoos are [...]

24 11, 2014

Pana Chocolate Trees for Flowerdale, Vic.

By |2017-12-15T10:42:54+11:00November 24th, 2014|Fifteen Trees, Tree Plantings|Comments Off on Pana Chocolate Trees for Flowerdale, Vic.

Strath Creek Biodiversity Project. Well this post has been a long time coming and I am delighted to let you all know that Pana Chocolate 10,000 trees have now been planted in the Flowerdale district of Victoria. Earlier this year, Pana Barbounis (Pana Chocolates) contacted Fifteen Trees asking us to plant trees on his behalf. Pana had a big aim - to plant 10,000 trees over the winter/spring of 2015! [...]

3 08, 2013

Pozible makes it possible.

By |2017-12-15T10:43:14+11:00August 3rd, 2013|Blog, Fifteen Trees, Tree Plantings|1 Comment

Late last year I attempted a crowd funding project on Pozible, really just to see if I could get some alternative  funding for some trees that I was keen to plant in Kinglake. Polly helped by collecting all the our pots. My project? To raise enough money in 40 days to buy 400 trees (l like my maths simple). I figured 10 trees a day was doable. Friends, [...]

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