We love working with Fifteen Trees to help reduce our carbon footprint. Being a small business, we are grateful that Colleen and the team make it so easy for us to get more trees in the ground. It is so satisfying to add a little note to our customer orders telling them 'we are planting a tree for you'.
Siobhan McCuskey
Founder & Aromatherapist
Fifteen Trees is a great initiative to get trees in the ground. Being able to reinvest in habitat restoration projects is a very rewarding process for our business. It's simple and efficient, we order trees and they get planted at selected sites. The team at Fifteen Trees are professional and kind and any support helps their mission to improve habitats.
Damien McClellan
Industry should make it their business to provide for a better, cleaner world. That is why we have committed to working with Fifteen Trees to combat the effects of climate change through sponsoring Australian community tree planting projects.
Nick and Luke
We love the initiative of Fifteen Trees, it is just fantastic. We are pleased to be able to contribute to their work.
Eleanor Colla
Program Manager
Melbourne University
Fifteen Trees was one of our original tree planting partners. Right from the start they offered a great service, and gave us the trust we need. They give us invaluable insight into trees planted on our behalf, including where planted, species, and useful information about how our trees will help local wildlife.
Dan Whiteman
Managing Director
Oblong Trees UK
Angus & Celeste love that Fifteen trees are a completely local initiative. We get to see trees being planted right here on Australian soil. We love that Fifteen trees work with local community groups to help in the planting. We love being involved in this vital project.
Asha & Kier