We have so many options to help you run a more sustainable company.


Fifteen Trees can help reduce the carbon emissions from your company’s fleet.

In return for $94.50 (incl GST), 15 trees are planted to reduce the footprint of your car for one year ($6.30/tree).

Not only will these trees help collect the greenhouse emissions from your car for one year, they will also be creating green corridors, providing native wildlife with habitat, and helping to reverse the effects of erosion and raising water tables (causing salt in the soil to rise to the surface). Trees also provide a vital role in maintaining a stable global climate. Not a bad effort from a small grove of trees!



We encourage businesses to look at reducing their company’s flying footprint by letting us plant trees on your behalf. The calculation is quite simple. One tree per ‘hours in the air’. 


Roughly an employee (EFT) generates 15,000 kg of carbon dioxide per year.  If that sounds like a lot, it is. Over its lifetime, a tree can collect and store 268kg. This means, we need to plant 58 trees per year to bring your employees’ carbon production down to zero. A little tricky for most of us to do in our own backyards, and this is where Fifteen Trees comes in. We can plant these 60 (we’ve rounded up) trees on each your employees’ behalf.


Customer Gifts

You can gift trees in 2 ways.

  1. Trees (15). Cost $94.50 / trees cost $6.30 (includes GST).
  2. Membership to Friends of Fifteen Trees. Cost $288.00 / trees cost $4.80 (includes GST).  More information re memberships here.

With both eco-gifts, a beautiful gift card (blank inside) is posted to you to write your own personal message.

As with all our trees, you (and the receiver of your gift) will receive an email with the link to your trees (once planted).

COme planting

We can organise your tree planting day in any Victoria, WA and Tasmania. While we don’t charge for organizing your day/s, we do require you to purchase 500 trees for the community group who will be planting with you. Any trees not planted on the day, will be planted in the days or weeks following by the group.



Fifteen Trees can help make you run a small carbon footprint event by organising the planting of one tree for each attendee.

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