We have so many options to help you run a more sustainable company.

Working with you.

We can work with you and your company in a number of ways to help with your sustainable pathway. 

Here’s a few options:

  • 1 tree for every invoice generated,
  • 1 tree for every hour ‘in the air ‘on your flights,
  • 1 tree for every attendee at an event or conference,
  • 15 trees for every new client,
  • 15 trees for every vehicle in the fleet,
  • 60 trees for every (eft) employee,
  • 100 trees planted annually (we can invoice quarterly),
  • 500 trees (min) for us to organise a tree planting day with your team/s. VIC only. More information here

Not only will these trees help collect greenhouse emissions, but they will also be creating green corridors, providing native wildlife with habitat and helping to reverse the effects of erosion and raising water tables (causing salt in the soil to rise to the surface). Trees also provide a vital role in maintaining a stable global climate. 

Trees are planted in lots of 15, once the website has been updated (with photos and a narrative about your trees) we send you the link. You can find your trees anytime by typing your company name into the ‘search box’ on the Fifteen Trees website (Tree Plantings page). You are welcome to use the images and stories for your own marketing and socials. 

More on the Benefits of Business Giving Back here

Always happy to have a conversation about your particular needs. Phone or email Colleen <[email protected]>



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