Fifteen Trees has been around for a while now (established in 2009) and is growing! To date, Fifteen Trees has helped plant over 180,000 trees in all states of Australia and New Zealand. While most of our customers are Australian, we can call ourselves truly international, with customers from the UK, Ireland and the USA.

Established in 2009, the company operates with 3 women at the helm along with a host of native nurseries and community groups across Australia.



A good tree planting company (such as Fifteen Trees) will ensure:

  1. Permanency. Your trees will be well planted and protected. They are planted for the long term.
  2. Additional Planting. Your trees are planted in addition to what was going to be planted.
  3. Transparency. This will be achieved via the website where you will be able to view your trees and read some of the stories behind the groups who have planted your trees.
  4. Credibility. Those who plant your trees are connected with established community groups such as schools and universities, Landcare groups or environmental groups.

Watch a short (7min) video by RMIT student Georgia Sampson about Fifteen Trees or read a short interview by CERES.

Fifteen Trees from Georgia Sampson on Vimeo.