School Fundraiser

School Fundraiser

Raising money to purchase trees for community planting projects.


In brief, students ‘sell trees’ to their families and friends in the form of ‘swap cards’. Actual trees or plants are not distributed.

  • Trees cost $5.00 ($4.00 towards the trees and $1.00 back to the school).
  • In exchange for buying a tree, the customer receives a ‘swap card’ featuring one of our unique Australian animals. 
  • Once the campaign is over, Fifteen Trees organises the trees to be planted.
  • The school community can find the trees by typing the name of their school into the ‘search box’ on the Fifteen Trees website.

No up-front payment. We supply all materials (posters, swap cards, badges and bags). Would you like to find out more? Contact Donna at <[email protected]>. 

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Swap cards and poster.

Raising money to support community groups with their tree planting projects.