January 15, 2024


Faucet Strommen. Providing trees for native wildlife.

Faucet Strommen are giving their customers the option to have a native tree planted when they purchase premium Australian made tap-wear.



Turn on the kitchen tap and we sometimes kid ourselves that water is a commodity which is forever available. The enviro-conscious business of Faucet Strommen know this isn’t the case, especially given Australia is the world’s driest inhabited continent on earth. They are equally aware of the fact that if you walk through our unique Australian bushland, that too can’t be taken for granted as being there forever.





Which is why the brilliant team at Faucet Strommen encouraged their customers to preserve our forests and natural habitat that dwell within, by providing the option to have one native tree planted when they purchased one of their products. Forty-five amazing Planet loving customers opted in, and therefore 45 trees have been planted – all thanks to them.


Trees are beautiful. They are an essential component of life on earth, providing protection and food for birds and small animals and oxygen for life. Every Faucet Strommen owner can now be part of our exciting ‘Plant a Tree’ program! When you register your products for warranty, simply tick the box to request a tree to be planted on your behalf and we promise to make it happen.

Ketsia Sellars | Marketing | Faucet Australia


The site is situated along a section of the Glendaruel Creek between Mount Bolton and Mount Beckworth and is roughly 25km north west of Ballarat. The planting area will complement a small revegetation project carried out by the previous owners of the property around 15 years ago.


Fabulous soils for the new trees.


Four (4) tree species were planted: Eucalyptus camaldulensis (River Red Gum), Eucalyptus ovata (Swamp Gum), Eucalyptus viminalis (Manna Gum) and Acacia melanoxylon (Blackwood). These species were selected as in all probability these would have been the species inhabiting the immediate area prior to the land being cleared.

As they grow and develop these trees will perform a variety of roles such as;

  • help with the stabilisation of the creek bank,
  • shade the creek to allow water to remain longer,
  • provide habitat, food and shelter for local fauna,
  • provide a wind break from prevailing winds and
  • increase biodiversity and biomass in the immediate area.


Tawny-frogmouths will benefit from this particular planting.


Common species sighted in the district include Magpies, Ravens, Red Wattle Birds, Yellow-tailed, Black Cockatoos, Mudlarks, Scrub Wrens, Grey Fantails, Willy Wag-tails, Galahs, Grey Sparrow Hawks, Brown Falcons, Boobook Owls and Tawney Frogmouths.


As one small group we can’t save the planet alone, but with the generosity of people like those mentioned above, who are willing to contribute financially and with the foresight of companies like Fifteen Trees, we hope that our continued relationship can make a positive environmental impact in our little corner of the world.

Lachlan Andrews | Member | Glendaruel Landcare


The Faucet Strommen factory lies in northern Victoria on the banks of the Loddon River, in Kerang, on the lands of the Wemba-Wemba Aboriginal people, the original owners and the area’s first occupants.


Tree planting takes care and skill to ensure the seedling has a good start to life.


This family-owned business has chosen a path different to most tapware and brassware brands, bringing their customers something different and special, and refuse to compromise on design or quality. This is achieved via the intensely hands-on and passionate work they create, combined with their ability to construct beautiful long-lasting legacy pieces. The Faucet Strommen brand is synonymous with high-quality Australian Made tapware and is therefore highly sought after. We thank them heartily for their dedication to planting trees for a better future for all.


Faucet Strommen previously purchased 15 trees for a site at Axe Creek, VIC. You can read all about them here.


Writer – Lou Ridsdale

Lou a green thumb, Earth Lover, big-hearted nature freak, plus a savvy media and horticulture expert, who passionately believe that everyone can lead a more nourishing and sustainable life. Lou founded Food Is Free Inc., a unique grassroots food security platform specialising in food security education. You can find Lou here



February 7, 2024
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January 15, 2024
‘We believe that supporting community tree-planting initiatives is not only an investment in nature; it’s a commitment to a sustainable future. JEI Studio is committed to ongoing donations of 15 planted trees for every design and decoration service agreement’. Jessi Deakin.