Established in 1978, CAVAL is a consortium of academic libraries across Australia. They develop and deliver best of breed library and information solutions for stakeholders and support growth and innovation in the library and education communities. CAVAL also deliver webinars … which brings us to how Fifteen Trees is involved. CAVAL has purchased trees for presenters and facilitators for their series of webinars this year.





1. The first webinar series. Digital Dexterity Program.

In early 2019 the Council of Australian University Librarians (CAUL) launched a Digital Dexterity Program with the aim of improving the digital dexterity among staff and students at their member university libraries. As a means to building capability in the area, each CAUL member library has since elected one, or multiple, Digital Dexterity Champions to represent their organisation in a Digital Dexterity Champions Network to develop skills and share resources and knowledge.

The Champions Network, supported by CAUL and CAVAL, has led numerous projects since its inception, with the most prominent item in their 2021 calendar being an online festival spanning across five days in early February, where they are hosting national and international speakers and attendees for presentations, workshops and other activities.

In order to extend a heartfelt thanks to the speakers and facilitators of these online events, the Digital Dexterity Champions Network together with CAVAL have arranged for Fifteen Trees to plant native trees on their behalf. The speakers and facilitators include: Fiona Salisbury, Emeka Anele, Bec Muir, Adrian Stagg, Dr Susan Carter, Cecily Andersen, Terra Starbird, Masami Yamaguchi, Brett Parker, Amanda Miotto, Charles Barnett, Clayton Bolitho, Bruce White, Kim Tairi, Dr Sarah Lambert, Kristy Newton, Dr Michelle Turner and Jane Miller.

2. The second webinar series. Steer your career. 

CAVAL’s Professional Development Interest Group (PDIG) arranged their first virtual forum of 2021 in March. Due to the uncertainty caused by the recent budget cuts in the tertiary library sector in Australia and New Zealand, the forum focused on alleviating this uncertainty by empowering library staff to take ownership of their career and professional development.

The three webinars in the series, Steer your career, included presentations on recruitment, practical tips about keeping CVs up-to-date, cross-sector permeability within the library industry, and how to use tools such as LinkedIn to create and manage your digital profile and professional networks.

CAVAL planted 15 trees to say thank you to the following speakers: Jay Glaisyer, Adele Walsh, Amy Watson, John McCoy, Dr Sarah Jansen, Robyn Ellard, Dr Craig Anderson, and Michelle De Aizpurua.


CAVAL trees (30/75) were planted by the Northern Bendigo Landcare Group (NBLG) at Reedy Creek, VIC. This little creek is an important tributary of Bendigo Creek and is now on the road to being that little bit healthier thanks to CAVAL.


Nicole from NBLCG.



Thank you to Sara Davidsson from CAVAL who contacted Fifteen Trees and initiated this idea to thank their webinar presenters and speaker with trees. We love the idea of a growing gift that also benefits our community tree planting groups such as Landcare.


Sláinte – Colleen  | Founder and Director | Fifteen Trees