Saying goodbye to our loved ones can be so hard. How heartening to think that part of them lives on in the goodwill and love of their friends. Sally Bodenham had such friends and together they raised the funds to plant 120 trees in the Ballarat District in her memory.


Our dear friend Sally Bodenham died earlier this year surrounded by her family after two and half years living with cancer.

Sally is remembered by her daughters Katie and Emma as a sweet, fierce, hilarious, spirited and intelligent women who taught them to navigate the world without complacency and with ethical commitment.

Sally passed many things onto her daughters and her friends but most of all a passion for caring for the earth, for animals and for other people with devotion and observance.

Working alongside Sally for several years I observed her tenacity, resilience and ethical commitment to improve the health and wellbeing of our local community. Our personal connection and enjoyment for sustainability and love of the outdoors continued beyond the workplace and Sally became an important part of our family. So often offering encouragement and reason amongst busy noise of life.

In memory of Sally, her friends have come together to create a legacy of 120 trees through Fifteen Trees.

Amanda Collins OXOX


Photo by Paul McKenna.


The Leigh Catchment Group (LCG) is a network of eight Landcare groups in the Corangamite region of South West Victoria. For over 20 years Landcare Groups in our network have been bringing all members of the community together to maintain, protect and repair the fragile environment in our landscape.

The Leigh Catchment contains a diverse range of topographic features from gently undulating hills, wide valleys and river flats, to steep escarpments and rocky gorges.
Our catchments support areas of significant remnant native vegetation including forests, woodlands, grasslands and wetlands which provide important fauna habitat values.

These trees are such a welcome addition to our on-going projects. Thank you.

Nick McKinley | President | Leigh Catchment Group


The beautiful western skies over the Leigh Creek district.


Somewhere, not too far away, 120 living plants find their feet and settle in for generations worth of service to the local environment. Our sincere condolences to Sally’s daughters, family and friends. We didn’t know Sally, but she was a ‘woman after our own hearts’!


Sally was a passionate environmentalist who walked the talk. Thank you Fifteen Trees for providing the opportunity to honour her life in a meaningful and sustainable way.

Jodie Downey


Thank you to Amanda Collins for initiating this legacy for Sally.


Colleen Filippa | Founder & Director | Fifteen Trees