Every now and again, an individual ‘ups the ante‘ and organises through Fifteen Trees the planting of a forest. Heather Maginn, is one such individual. Looking to reduce her carbon footprint of her flights for 2018, Heather has asked us to plant 146 trees on her behalf.


Trees en route.


The trees went to the McAllister family at Avon Plains, VIC. The family are members of the Buloke & Northern Grampians Landcare Network who are working hard to regenerate farming land in the district. Young blood has moved back onto the farm in the form of eldest son, Dougal, who has great plans to help restore native vegetation and bring back the wildlife. Heather’s trees have gone a long way to helping out this ambitious and worthy plan.


Dougla McAllister back on the family farm.


This year Dougal has  moved back onto the family farm, attracted by the prospect of farming in a regenerative way that reduces synthetic inputs and fosters natural systems. Part of the plan is to have a greater percentage of the farm under native vegetation to help increase biodiversity and the many benefits it brings.  Shelter belts of native trees and shrubs are to be established and the costs and labour associated with such an undertaking are not insignificant. The support of Fifteen Trees has helped to make this task possible.

These trees are the first to be planted for some years and will provide many benefits for the farm. They help to create a wind break for those chilling southerly winds and will link the river with an older line of trees. They have been planted in rows of 5, so will provide enough density to offer shelter for the smaller birds. The diversity of species will mean there is a more consistent food source as different plants flower at differing times of the year.

Prue McAllister | Secretary | Avon Plains


Thank you Heather, your trees will go a long way to helping restore this small part of the world. Thank you for caring. This quote from The Lorax sums you up!





Would you like to ‘be like Heather‘? We’d love you to join us in helping restore Australian native vegetation. Feel free to Contact Melinda at <[email protected]> or simply purchase trees ($4.80 each) here.


Slàinte – Colleen


Colleen Filippa | Founder & Director | Fifteen Trees