A CAVAL tree.


Established in 1978, CAVAL is a consortium of academic libraries across Australia. They develop and deliver best of breed library and information solutions for stakeholders and support growth and innovation in the library and education communities. CAVAL also deliver webinars … which brings us to how Fifteen Trees is involved. CAVAL has purchased trees for presenters and facilitators for their series of webinars this year.


The first webinar series was hosted by one of their interest groups, the CAVAL Research and Information Group in four parts on Advocating Us: Shining a light on our work and achievements inside and outside the library. Another webinar was hosted by the Professional Development Interest Group on The New Normal. And yet more trees were purchased for speakers at the CAVAL Cross-Institutional mentoring program’s networking events.


All up 60 trees as a thank you for their presenters, speakers and panel members at 3 webinar series held this year. Presenters/speakers/panel members include: Debra Bayne, Alex Parker, Tina Vercillo, Simon Huggard, Bec Muir, Andrea Phillips, Kate Conway, Brendan Cooney, Peter Kennedy, Clare Carlsson, Hugh Rundle, Kerry Bedford, Monika Szunejko, Konrad Peszynski, Margie Jantti, Christina Salopek, Jeffrey Cruz, Sarah Jansen, Ngarie MacDonald, Coral Black, Abigail Baker, Gabrielle Dolan, Craig Anderson, Natasha Story, Susan Roberts, Sue Foster, Anna Rubinowski, Deanna Ramsey, Anna Findlay and Linda Whitby.

We have planted all these trees at Flowerdale, VIC at 2 sites: on private property at Landmark Lane and on Crown Land at King Parrot.

The private property has some remnant River Red gum and higher up some Yellow Box, but not much else after been grazed for decades before new owners purchased the block 4 years ago. The new owners have been planting for a couple of seasons now and are slowly revegetating the creek banks bringing back habitat for the native insects, reptiles, birds and mammals.


Flowerdale Landcare planting on private property at Landmark Lane.


The planting that took place adjacent to King Parrot was on Crown Land and strengthens the work of Flowerdale Landcare to enrich the vegetation corridor after 4 years of blackberry control. Platypus are often observed in this stretch of the Creek and taller vegetation overhanging the water creates shade and attracts insect food sources enhancing the habitat for Macquarie Perch that breed here. This previously bare area has become a rich corridor for honeyeaters, rosellas and other birds, attracting insects and providing nectar sources for a wider range of bird species.It was a deceptively difficult planting as beneath a rich soil layer lurked a very rocky substrate.

Steve Joblin | Secretary | Flowerdale Landcare


Flowerdale Landcare planting on Crown Land.


Thank you to Sara Davidsson from CAVAL who contacted Fifteen Trees and initiated this idea to thank their webinar presenters and speaker with trees. We love the idea of a growing gift that also benefits our community tree planting groups such as Landcare.


Sláinte – Colleen  | Founder and Director | Fifteen Trees


Flowerdale 300 trees: 60 CAVAL / 135 Renovators Paradise / 100 BASK