It is absolutely a truism that from little things, big things grow. We could also say that many people doing lots of little things can make big change happen. Late last year, 130 trees were planted by an enthusiastic and diligent group of year nine students from Donald High School. The planting was coordinated by Donald High School, Donald Landcare and Fifteen Trees.

The trees were paid for through CERES, Community Environmental Park in Brunswick.



CERES is an award-winning not-for-profit sustainability centre located on Wurundjeri land, by the banks of the Merri Creek in Brunswick. It’s a rare Melbourne schoolchild who hasn’t enjoyed an excursion or outing to CERES, or been involved in one of its wide range of education programs. CERES has a broad, multi-faceted reach, with an overall mission to maintain a practical conversation about how we can live well together in a sustainable way. As one small part of this, it encourages schools to offset their CERES excursion travel emissions by contributing to the purchase of two trees per excursion – and most do.



From this small gesture of mindfulness on the part of students and their teachers, a living, breathing change can be created hundreds of kilometres away. And this is the message that sustainable ethical businesses and their not-for-profit partners, like CERES, want to get across – no one is tackling climate change in a vacuum. There are individuals and organisations at all levels, in all parts of the country, taking steps to protect our environmental inheritance. We can all join in. Those trees in Donald have been nurtured by yet another pair of hands through their first summer in the ground and are now flourishing.


By taking many small steps, and working together, we truly can grow change.


Sarah Hart


500 – 40 Kell / 130 CERES