Ballarat Car Sales and National Tree Day! Smiles all round!

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Ballarat Car Sales and National Tree Day! Smiles all round!

National Tree Day wouldn’t be Australia’s biggest tree planting and nature event without the hard work of 1000s of volunteers. Run for the past 20 years by Planet Ark in partnership with Toyota, Sunday July 28th 2019 saw a record number of trees planted across the country.


And with the help of a host of volunteers, we did our bit too!


Working with Damon and Matt from the Narmbool Education Team, the boys selected and prepared a site at the historic homestead in Elaine (Vic) for us to plant with trees. The trees were sourced from Ballarat Wildplants and were a mixture of Prickly tea-tree, Everlasting tree, Swamp-gum and various wattle species such as Black wattle. All indigenous to the western plains district. We had 25 people arrive on the Sunday morning to plant. The local Scout group joined us, along with a number of families from the district and a lone traveller from Melbourne.


carbon offsetting

Father and daughter out tree planting on National Tree Day.


Fifteen Trees has been working with Rebecca Lewis and her company Ballarat Car Sales for a number of years, planting trees on Rebecca’s behalf to reduce the carbon footprint of each and very car that leaves her dealership.

Ballarat Car Sales breaks the stereotype so often associated with second hand cars. When local businesswoman, Rebecca Lewis opened Ballarat Car Sales, she made a promise that her company would ‘only sell cars that (they) would sell to (their) own families.’ This business model is helping Ballarat drivers find a car they can trust. As a result of the collaboration between Ballarat Car Sales and Fifteen Trees, 300 trees were offered to Narmbool to be planted as part of National Tree Day 2019.


carbon offsetting

Scouts from 5th Ballarat Scout Group.


Massive thank you to Rebecca and the team from Ballarat Car Sales. This is your support in action. Your trees (300) have found a great home at Narmbool. We love it when companies and businesses step up and actively search for local projects to support.


Sláinte – Colleen (Founder and Director of Fifteen Trees).


If you would like Fifteen Trees to organise some tree planting on your behalf or organise a team building day, contact Colleen at <> or on 0400 040 659.  In the meantime, you can find out more information here. Did you know that 93% of Victorians believe business and industry should take action to be more sustainable (Sustainability Vic 2017).

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