This year, Fifteen Trees was delighted to be contacted by Tessa Deliopoulos at the Victorian Planning Authority (VPA) to plant 30 trees on the behalf of her department. The 30 trees were a part of a larger 300 tree project at Yea (Vic). The VPA works with councils and local communities, landowners and developers to plan for strategically important precincts in Melbourne and regional cities.



Thank you Colleen, Tessa and the VPA for the trees for one of our on-going projects.

We planted 300 plants on a farm at Yea with assistance from the Year 12 VCAL students from Yea High School.

The students did a great job and landowners Rachel and Peter were very grateful for the help and to VPA for for supplying 30 of the trees.

Chris Cobern | Landcare Coordinator | Upper Goulburn Landcare Network



VCAL Class of 2018


Once again thank you Tessa and the VPA for your support of our tree planting projects. As you can see, your trees have gone to a great location in the foothills of Victoria.

Fifteen Trees can plant any number of trees for your organisation or department. We can also plan a tree planting day for your team and give you a range of locations to plant. Tree planting days need time to organise, so if you are interested for 2019 please contact us at <> or via our contact page.

Sláinte – Colleen

Yea = 300 trees / VPA 30 trees