Maanee and Eric from Amane Curated are a couple who embrace all that is you, me and the world. Hosting educational programs and retreats in the fields of meditation, yogic philosophy, movement and art-expressions, Maanee contacted Fifteen Trees looking for a way to reduce the carbon footprint of one of their international retreats – The Undivided Self – a 5 day retreat in Thailand (January 16 – 21) with Christopher Hareesh Wallis. Together, Maanee and I decided to plant 84 trees (2 for every attendee) as a gift to the earth.



In their words ..

AMANE’s deepest desire is make others feel the planet and everyone in it, including one’s own self. We do it so by cross pollinating communities exploring individual facets of our humanness, through different retreat containers. 


We planted Amane’s trees in a most beautiful part of Victoria … Flowerdale. The trees were planted by Steve Joblin and this team of volunteers as part of a larger planting of 1200 trees. The planting took a few months, between bursts of rain and sun.


The hills of Flowerdale.


Let my soul, a shining tree,
Silver branches lift towards thee,
Where on a hallowed winter’s night
The clear-eyed angels may alight.

And if there should be tempests in
My spirit, let them surge like din
Of noble melodies at war;
With fervour of such blades of triumph as are
Flashed in white orisons of saints who go
On shafts of glory to the ecstasies they know.

Siegfried Sassoon



Big love to Maanee and Eric for your beautiful gift of 84 trees for one of our favourite planting sites.


Sláinte – Colleen