Fifteen Trees was delighted to be a part of the Ballarat CPA‘s Members Engagement Evening held earlier this year at the Mecure Inn. One hundred members attended the evening and as a result, we have planted 100 trees. One tree for every member who attended.


Tree planting



CPA trees went out to Cynthia Cook who works in Environmental Education at Villa Maria PS Ballarat. The trees were planted by Cynthia and her family at Waubra. Their aim is to increase the amount of native vegetation available for wildlife, to prevent erosion and to provide shelter for native and farm animals.


On a clear day at the beginning of June 2017, the trees that were donated by the CPA, were planted by our family. The trees were sourced locally from Avalon Nursery near Ballarat, giving us a variety of different natives that had been grown in the nearby area and were already acclimatised to the chilly Ballarat weather. A mix of tall and short natives were selected to attract the native wildlife.

Thanks to Fifteen Trees and the CPA, we were able to plant a double row of trees along one of the lane-ways at Waubra. The trees will be shelter belts for wildlife, and start to vegetate the property which has predominantly been used for grazing.

Cynthia Cook | Waubra


Thank you to Jane Jens and Nicole Simmons who contacted Fifteen Trees. It was a pleasure to present my story about Antarctica to your members and also a pleasure to plant 100 trees on your behalf.

Slàinte – Colleen