This month, the City of Ballarat and Pilkinton Productions hosted 11 visitors from Ballarat’s sister city of Inagawa (Japan). The students were billeted with families and joined in with their outings, chores and daily run-arounds.

As a gift to the hosts, Fifteen Trees has planted 11 trees at the Learmonth Community Gardens. One for every host family. Friends Of Learmonth Gardens were delighted to receive the trees and they wrote … “Dear Colleen, We have just added your 15 trees to the native screening plantation. These trees which will provided much needed shelter from wind for our orchard and vegetable garden. Thank you for the initiative”.

photo 1

The trees were planted at the Learmonth Community Gardens by Liz Charles and the Friends Group. These gardens are located in the centre of Learmonth, next to the Anglican Church (on your right heading west).

Our Japanese visitors.

Our Japanese visitors.

Carolyn Byrnes and the families of Wemyss-Romeril, Dalton, Jeffrey, Jamali, Wedley-Versloot, Vallance, Edwards, Morrison, Gray and Gordon-Harrison all hosted a visitor from Inagawa.

Slainte – Colleen