Nicole Cox (Business Manager) at Fernbrooke Homes is to be applauded for firstly finding Fifteen Trees (no mean feat) and then for taking a leap of faith and asking Fifteen Trees to plant 150 trees on the behalf of the Fernvale building company.

Students from Innisfail State College were delighted to learn that they had another 150 trees for their tree planting day last month. These trees continue the revegetation of the riverbank (upstream from the township). Some of the earlier plantings took place over 20 years ago!

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Fernbrooke Homes has taken on the challenge of climate change through partnering with Fifteen Trees. Over their lifetime, these trees will absorb a significant amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Deforestation is a major cause of rising carbon dioxide levels and global warming. How wonderful would it be if all companies showed similar leadership on climate action.

Slainte – Colleen