Earth Ed, a specialist Science centre in Mt Clear Ballarat, is running a climate conference in December for teachers. The Climate Classroom is pulling together facilitators from across the state to run workshops to help teachers engage and educate their students around climate change.  Rob Gell and Rod Quantok are presenting key note addresses, along with representatives from the ABC, Cool Australia, and CERES.

To help make the conference a ‘small footprint event’, Fifteen Trees has organised the planting of 100 trees (one for each attendee) in the Pentland Hills (just to the east of the city).

Anthony Duffy from the Pentlands Hills Landcare group could not have picked a worse day to do his planting. I’ll let him paint you the picture…


One smiling volunteer.

One smiling volunteer.

The Pentland Hills Landcare Community Planting Day was held early August and 176 volunteers came together to plant over 5,000 trees, shrubs and grasses. The day was held under terrible conditions. It started badly with high winds and cold temperatures (at 8 am it was 6 oC). Conditions worsened and at 11 am the rain was coming in horizontally! All crews tried to warm up with some hot sausages and hamburgers. The open fire was a popular resting spot.

Looked like a shocking day (weather wise) but a great outcome.

Back to work.

A patch of sun.

Slainte – Colleen