Hi Colleen,

The planting day with the St Monica’s Sustainability Classes was a great success. The weather was uncertain and raining at times, but proved perfect for the event. Certainly nothing could have dampened the enthusiasm for the task by those involved!

All set to go.

Students from prep to grade 6 learnt about the importance of variety in a balanced ecosystem, prepared the site and planted 253 indigenous trees and shrubs. They learnt how to prepare a hole, remove tube-stock from pots and plant them neither too deep nor too shallow. These plants will also be mulched for weed control, water retention and to boost the habitat potential while they grow.

Small hands, huge effort.

This was a real community effort, with Jill Dawson from Our Native Garden Nursery volunteering to supervise the planting and providing an ecology lesson to each class, myself assisting from Wodonga Urban Landcare Network, and of course the teachers and students from the St Monica’s Sustainability classes doing the hard work – as you can see in the photos.

Sustainability Class at work.

We would all like to extend our thanks to Toyoda Gosei  for these plants and to Fifteen Trees for providing this opportunity.  Kind regards, Anne Stelling Landcare Victoria.

Lynton Modra from Toyoda Gosei found Fifteen Trees through The Green Pages and for this we are all grateful. The Japanese owned company is based in Adelaide S.A. Lynton has had one tree planted for each employee at Head Office. Next year, Fifteen Trees aims to find a location in S.A. so the company can join in with the planting of the trees.

Slainte – Colleen