Every one gets involved in tree planting.


Hi Colleen,

Although a tad on the chilly side in Gisborne, we had a good day planting our trees. Thank you to those who support Fifteen Trees and in return support our tree planting days.

Regards Kim.


The 60 trees that were planted out at Gisborne  this autumn were very kindly donated by Russell Howarth owner of Sydney luxury car hire company 131 007. Russell is a keen supporter of the environment and is happy to see natives trees being planted on his behalf. His fleet comprises of taxi cars (hybrids), limos and from what I read on his website ….. jets!

Snazzy car for touring Sydney.

Thank you Russell for taking the time to look beyond your immediate circle there in urban Sydney to help enable 60 trees to be planted in rural Victoria.

Cheers – Colleen