Wallpaper and fabric from Kuboaa.

The Selvedge Group  are distributors of wall paper and textiles, operating from a showroom in Collingwood. They have partnered up  with Fifteen Trees to  carbon offset their import emissions. Simply, for every 3 kg of fabric they import, we plant a tree. Sarah Taylor, co-founder of the group sources out the most beautiful and exquisite textiles and wallpapers from Europe and America. Oh to have a home draped in these materials! Over the past few months, Fifteen Trees have planted out 80 trees for Sarah. Sixty trees went to a property at East Shelbourne, while another 20 went to a suburban block (opposite a native reserve) in Bendigo.

Mark from East Shelbourne writes ‘Tracey & I were very pleased to receive the 60 trees which we have planted. Our photo shows our water cart along with a ‘great show of tyres’ (rabbit guards). However, lurking in their depths are the new trees, planted along a fence line in what was a bare 40 acre paddock. Thank you very much’  – Mark H.

An innovated idea to protect new seedlings – and it does work!

I love the photo Mark emailed, even if you can’t quite see the trees!  However, it does show that Sarah’s trees have been well planted and cared for. I can attest to the idea that the car tyres do keep out the rabbits. Some time ago, we had a paddock full of old car tyres – not the greatest sight from the back window, however the trees planted within them, did thrive.

Thank you to Sarah for looking for ways to reduce your carbon emissions and for contacting me at Fifteen Trees.

Cheers – Colleen