April 18, 2012

An Urbanite’s Quest.

After meeting Neil Faragher at the Sustainable Living Festival in February, and then meeting up at a very cool Coburg cafe (two monks) I found out more about Neil’s “quest to plant 1000 trees in a year“. I loved the idea and am happy for Fifteen Trees to support Neil in his quest (gotta love a quest). Neil will be digging into the dirt over the next 6 months to help mitigate his own emissions and in the process learn about trees, our native countryside and meet some of the groups out there looking after our native heritage.

Neil Faragher.

Please think about supporting Neil and keep an eye on his blog to watch his progress. Neil has set himself some basic rules, one being that the trees he plants ‘have to be trees that would not otherwise have been planted’. So, if you decided to support Neil, please put ‘1000trees’ in the comment section when you pay. The cost of having one tree planted on your behalf is $5.00.

For a brief time (from now until end of Spring), you can support tree planting in a small way by helping to pay for the planting of just one tree. A small but significant gesture that will support Neil and more importantly support our native environment.

Slainte – Colleen



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