October 7, 2019


CSR can take many forms!


The Viatek Group is a services-based organisation, offering business solutions for print, scanning & technology. With over 17 offices operating within Victoria & NSW, it makes them the largest regional supplier of managed print services, backed with local technicians on site.

Viatek people live and breathe the community which means they support local businesses and community initiatives such as Fifteen Trees in practicing and promoting sustainability. This is carried out through recycling, conserving energy, preventing pollution & minimising waste through supporting tree planting in Victoria. General Manager, Peter Bull and his team at Central & West VIC have been supporters of Fifteen Trees since 2014.

Viatek understands that “being green is not just a potential competitive business advantage, it is also a good way to reduce costs and create more streamlined business processes”.     viatek     This year Peter has generously added to his tree portfolio with another 330 trees for us to plant on his behalf. Of the 330 trees, 165 trees were planted by Matt Crawley and the Bellarine Catchment Network at Queenscliff (Vic) and 165 were planted by Nicole Howie and the Northern Bendigo Landcare Group in Bendigo (Vic).    
The planters at the Bellarine Peninsula.
The Bellarine Rail Trail Fellows Rd Revegetation and Environment day was recently held. The conditions were still, with light winds. Afternoon rain was forecasted, helping to water the newly planted plants. The Queenscliffe Community Indigenous Nursery once again provided wonderfully grown tubestock, representing Coastal Saltmarsh species. We planted out 300 indigenous trees along the Bellarine Rail Trail. Thank you to Viatek Geelong who supported the event through purchasing 165 of these trees. The site continues to transform from woody and grassy weed species to indigenous plant cover and forms part of the City of Greater Geelong Greening the Songline, from the Mountain to Mouth Extreme Arts Walk. Matt Crawley | Coordinator | Bellarine Catchment Network.
The planters at Streamside Reserve, Bendigo.
Our planting event was on National Tree Day on Sunday 28th July, in the Bendigo Creek Streamside Reserve.  It was an incredibly successful event with 60 awesome community members of all ages smashing out the planting of 690 native tubestock on a beautiful winters day.  We totally transformed an open area of riparian zone and look forward to the improved habitat this will provide in the years to come. National Tree Day is an iconic annual event that encourages people to get involved in local environmental works and we are so grateful to Fifteen Trees and Viatek for the donation of trees that helps our precious funds stretch all that much further. Nicole Howie | Secretary | Northern Bendigo Landcare Group
  Corporate social responsibility can take many forms but for us … tree planting hits a number of targets! Community groups benefit as they receive free trees for their projects. The environment benefits as trees mean habitat for the native insects, birds, reptiles and mammals. And companies benefit too. ‘Through CSR programs, companies can help society while promoting their own brands. Corporate social responsibility can boost morale and can help both employees and employers feel more connected with the world around them’ (www.investopedia.com). Thank you once again Peter and the Viatek team from Central and Western Victoria. Sláinte – Colleen   Colleen Filippa is the Founder and Director of Fifteen Trees. This year, Fifteen Trees celebrates 10 years. To be part of the movement of companies looking to make a tangible contribution to our community groups and our native environment, contact Colleen at <[email protected]> or on 0400 040 659.



July 9, 2024
At the heart of every nunnery is, of course, charity. We love our partnership with the Brigidine Sisters and are impressed with their passion to give. That’s a long history of giving from these remarkable women, and we are not only benefactors of this kindness, as their other philanthropy does ripple out to myriad of other organisations as well.


July 8, 2024
WPA acknowledges that when it comes to environmental initiatives, its people are its strength. It has recently partnered with us to plant 15 trees for each hard-working staff member identified as a Sustainability Warrior.


June 18, 2024
Furnx is taking proactive steps each day and planning into the future, to ensure their company is part of a circular economy. Reducing waste and consumption of resources, and increasing recycling and reuse of materials is top of mind in every business decision they make, contributing to a more sustainable world. And now they are planting trees!