December 23, 2021


Trees as A Christmas Gift!

This Christmas, we are delighted that so many people have chosen to gift trees. It’s a gift of faith in the future. We see a future, and we believe it can be greener, kinder, cleaner and infinitely more sustainable.



We’re pretty sure that this Christmas is going to be right up there as far as emotional overload goes. For many of us it will be the first time in years (yes, years) that we see the people we love most. That we meet that new niece or nephew or grandchild (how are they crawling already?!). That we get to hug our friends and share a meal. Cry and laugh together. With all that going on, does anyone really need more stuff? Really?


A sustainable Xmas


This Christmas, we are delighted that so many people have chosen to gift trees. It’s a gesture of gratitude and strength – we’re still here, we can do this. But perhaps more than anything, it’s a gift of faith in the future. We see a future, and we believe it can be greener, kinder, cleaner and infinitely more sustainable. This year, we planted your Xmas trees at 2 beautiful Victorian sites, Yandoit and Kororoit.


David and Nioka at Yandoit.


Site A | Yandoit | 390 trees + 15 for Alby


This late spring, we planted 390 trees kindly donated by supporters of Fifteen Trees at Limestone Road, Yandoit. The contribution allowed us to expand by 60% a rehabilitation project amidst some remnant forest where species had been depleted after decades of over-grazing. The species planted included eucalypts, acacia, casuarina and banksia. We undertook the plantings at the end of spring to maximise water retained in the rip lines and to dodge frosts which occur in Central Victoria as late as October.

John Carruthers | Limestone Road | Yandoit


Guarding the seedlings.


Site B | Kororoit Creek | 300 trees


One of the many volunteers from Friends Kororiot Creek.


We planted a mixture of trees, shrubs, grasses and wildflowers at Legenda’s Garden in Sunshine.  Some of the trees included: River Red Gums, Banksia, Golden Spray, Tea Tree, Gold Dust Wattle, Hedge Wattle, Lightwood and Prickly Moses.

We are hoping to provide habitat and food for all the local bird species including the New Holland Honey-eaters, White-plumed Honey-eaters, Wattle Birds and Spotted Pardalotes. The shrubs, grasses and wildflowers we planted will provide habitat and food for butterflies and other insects, lizards, snakes and frogs and some of the smaller birds like Superb Fairy Wrens and Scrub Wrens.

We are working hard to restore and enhance the Kororoit Creek Corridor. The trees and plants will provide much needed habitat, shade, and beauty. Thank you to everyone who purchased trees through Fifteen Trees

Jessica Gerger | Secretary | Friends of Kororoit Creek



Tree planting day.


Huge thank you to the following generous souls who purchased trees for loved ones this Christmas.


15 trees

  • Alby Evans. When Alby (age 9) was asked what he wanted for Christmas, he said ‘no stuff‘, and so his family purchased these trees on his behalf. #belikealby
  • Nancy Kay.
  • Megan Davies.
  • Elizabeth & Robert Burrows. Trees for their 2 adored grandchildren, Nick & Annie.
  • Anthony and CeCe Clifford. Trees for Pearl’s very first Christmas. ‘Merry Christmas, Pearl. As you grow up we want you to know that the world is yours to cherish and these trees will always be a reminder of this. We love you very much. CeCe & Pa xxxx’
  • Glenys. Trees for our beautiful creative supporter Sarah Brennan.


30 trees

  • Suzanne Horni. Trees for Lauren & Will and Greta & Steve.
  • Jennifer Askham.Trees for the Walker Family and the Meadows-Smith Family. ‘Wishing you all a fantastic Christmas. All the best for the coming year’. With love from the Askham Family. 
  • Alison Barnes.
  • Peter and Chris Fox. Trees for Sergio Giudici and Phyllis Fox.
  • Elissa Goodrich. Trees for her beautiful mum Ann.
  • Sam Worpel.
  • Julia Zemiro. Trees for Julia & Carsten and for Jane & Pam.
  • Gail Byne. Trees for Ross & Lee Victoria.
  • Soroptimist Ballarat.
  • Ethical Design Co. Trees for George Rugarabamu (Senior Manager) Corporate Development at Medicines Development for Global Health and Paula-Kaye Richards (Head of Marketing & Communications) at Space Capital.
  • Caroline Ferris. Trees for her 2 children.


45 trees

  • Fiona Bendict. One tree for every Grade 6 student graduating from Daylesford PS. We wish them all great adventures at secondary school next year.



120 trees

  • Group 24/7 World Wide. Trees (15) for each of their amazing employees; Zoe Griffith, Maria Andreeva, Brett Benson, Nerina Maher, Spike Walker, Magali Noble, Steve Gow and Anne Kraft.


As part of a ‘thank you’ gift from the company, we have organised 15 trees to be planted on your behalf. These trees will help reduce your car’s carbon footprint for one year. We hope this helps offset our impact on our wounded planet. Every little bit helps.

All the very best for 2022 – David.


  • Natasha Ludowyk at Ludowyk Evalutation. Trees (15) for each valued client: City of Brimbank, Hepatitis NSW, Cultivating Change, Whereto Research, Education Benalla Program, Youth Live4Life, Beyond the Bell and City of Ballarat.



Thank you to everyone who purchased trees (690) this Christmas for friends and loved ones. The trees have gone to 2 wonderful sites where over time, they will improve our air quality, help keep our rivers & creeks clean, capture carbon from the atmosphere and help maintain healthy soils.


That is one pretty great Christmas present – to you and to the planet.


Have a wonderful festive season, and if you get the opportunity to sit quietly under a tree for a time – take it!


Writers: Sarah Hart and Colleen Filippa










August 14, 2022
Based in Melbourne’s Southeast and servicing Bayside Melbourne and the Peninsula, SEMM Build have planted 105 trees to date for Fifteen Trees, with the latest being added to the world famous Grampians National Park region, in Gariewerd Country.


August 6, 2022
Scott Doughty and Judy Corcoran from G.J. Gardner Homes Mornington are generous supporters of local community groups, and their tree planting projects. This year Scott, Judy and their team purchased 360 native trees for the Mornington Peninsula bringing their total tree tally to 1,665.


August 6, 2022
Reeds Consulting are ‘walking the talk’ when it comes to sustainability. Recently they purchased 500 native trees, shrubs and ground-covers for 2 Victorian community groups (Westgate Biodiversity and Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation).