December 3, 2023


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Thunder Electrical Services. Sparking Change.

Every month, Thunder Electrical Services purchase 15 native trees for one of our community tree planting projects. The numbers are adding up!



Thunder Electrical Services takes the sting out of calling an electrician because they guarantee an honest quote with no hidden costs. The founder, Myles Varley, harks from the mid north coast of NSW where he built the successful electrical business, Varley Electric. Now operating across the Coffs Habour region, the Bellingen Shire and Nambucca Heads as Thunder Electrical Services, Myles brings the same enthusiasm and commitment to providing a quality trade service experience to the area.





Site A | Mulgoa Valley, NSW | 105 trees


Thunder Electrical Services has recently sparked change in the Mulgoa Valley, NSW, by partnering with Fifteen Trees to plant 105 trees in the area. With this small forest, Myles is building habitat for fauna and improving our collective future by greening the local landscape.


Katherine from HNLN


The trees are helping with the regeneration of ecological communities under threat, in particular the Shale Sandstone Transition Forest in the Sydney Basin Bioregion which is ‘critically endangered’. In doing so it will also increase canopy, shade and food sources for nectar-eating species such as Australian parrots.


Australian parrots.


Dominant canopy species in the area planted are Grey Gum, Forest Red Gum, Ironbarks and Wattles. The plantings were designed to increase cover and supplement the area with other tree species that are part of the ecological communities listed.

Some of the species planted include; Tick Bush, White feather honey myrtle, Gossamer Wattle, Hickory Wattle, Rough-barked apple, Broad-leafed apple, White Stringy Bark, Narrow-leaf ironbark, Silky Hakea, Willow-leafed Hakea, Slender Tea-tree, Yellow Tea-tree and Forest red-gum.


Thank you for providing our trees, which are now thriving as part of our long-term work to regenerate and conserve the threatened ecological communities on this species property in Mulgoa.

Katherine Clare | Coordinator | Hawkesbury-Nepean Landcare Network


Thank you to Myles and the team at Thunder Electrical Services for your support of tree planting projects in your home state.


Site B | Bendigo, VIC | 75 trees


The trees were planted by Northern Bendigo Landcare (NBLG) who held their annual National Tree Day event at the Huntly Streamside Reserve, in Bendigo. The volunteers planted native species alongside the creek. This site had been damaged in the past due to gold mining and grazing.


Little landcare kiddies.


Forty-eight (48) people turned out to help plant the trees.  A highlight was having students from a nearby Primary School attend with their families. These students are part of the school’s Green Magpies, a group of sustainability leaders.  They were extremely keen and enjoyed being involved in practical community action to complement school learning.



If you would like to know more about sponsoring community tree planting projects and how we can assist you in becoming a more sustainable business, please contact Colleen at <[email protected]>.

Writer: Bronwyn Blaiklock.

Bronwyn is a multidisciplinary creative: a poet, a pianist, a reformed perfectionist. She has worked in the creative and education sectors for over 25 years. She also confesses to having an affair with an accordion, but whatever you do, don’t tell the piano. Find Bronwyn here.



June 18, 2024
Furnx is taking proactive steps each day and planning into the future, to ensure their company is part of a circular economy. Reducing waste and consumption of resources, and increasing recycling and reuse of materials is top of mind in every business decision they make, contributing to a more sustainable world. And now they are planting trees!


June 18, 2024
‘We feel very grateful, thankful and quite overwhelmed when we think about the contributions of all of the people involved. The project would not have happened without the support from sponsors of Fifteen Trees and such sterling efforts from Landcare and all the volunteers’. Kinglake Landcare.


June 17, 2024
‘We have some amazing customers who buy a tree as an extra when they book a tour with us. We have also bought some to help mother nature’. EcoTreasures.