September 20, 2023


Rob’s Horticulture. Supporting the native environment.

Keen to support Australian revegetation projects, Rob’s Horticulture has purchased 60 native trees for a community in the Northeast corner of Victoria.



Rob’s Horticulture has a dedicated following in NSW’s Wollondilly, Macarthur & Wingecarribee. Their lawn and garden care programs are just the tip of their professional iceberg, with a team of gardening experts committed to maximising their clients’ investment by fostering a healthy and vibrant garden all year-round. Taking care of the whole system, starting with the soil, is a key part of Rob’s method. Qualified horticulturalists provide disease and pest identification and control which do not compromise plant, human and animal health.



Rob’s Horticulture recently combined forces with Fifteen Trees to plant 60 trees that will contribute to the environmental health of the future by providing essential habitat for local fauna and reducing carbon release.


The trees were planted over the winter months by the Greta Valley Landcare Group at Moyhu, on Taungurung country in North East Victoria. They were planted along the Moyhu Walking track, Meadow Creek Rd, just outside the township.


Sally Day, choosing the plants for the project. 


The planting was very diverse, with over 30 different species planted in clumps along the walking track. The vegetation in this area is typically comprised of riparian species (Creekline Grassy Woodland/Floodplain Riparian Woodland) along the waterways of Boggy Creek and King River.


We are very thankful for all the financial support and assistance that has been provided to make our Moyhu Walking Track and Landcare Botanic Gardens a reality.

Sally Day | Coordinator | Greta Valley Landcare Group.


At this particular site, the objective of the planting was to create a demonstration site with all of the typical indigenous local species on display. Some of the species planted included: Blackwood, Silver Wattle, Silver Banksia, River Bottlebrush, Common Cassinia, Drooping Sheoak, Red River Gum, Yellow Box, Red Box and Rough barked honey-myrtle.


Volunteers from Greta Landcare.


If you have ideas about beautifying your patch, get in touch with Rob’s Horticulture for a professional opinion on creating not just a customised garden care plan, but also a garden that suits your family’s lifestyle and gardening aspirations.


If you would like to know more about sponsoring community tree planting projects and how we can assist you in becoming a more sustainable business, please contact Colleen at <[email protected]>.



Writer: Bronwyn Blaiklock.


Bronwyn is a multidisciplinary creative: a poet, a pianist, a reformed perfectionist. She has worked in the creative and education sectors for over 25 years. She also confesses to having an affair with an accordion, but whatever you do, don’t tell the piano. Find Bronwyn here.



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