December 3, 2019


From VIC to TAS with love!


A small sample of what’s on offer at Renovators Paradise, Keysborough, VIC.



Simon Hughes from Renovators Paradise is unique in that he specializes in the sale of RECLAIMED building materials. This company encourages recycling and UP-CYCLING. Simon also supports tree planting through Fifteen Trees. This year, we have planted 120 trees for Renovators Paradise on the beautiful island of Tasmania.


Simon’s trees were planted at Tramway Hill Reserve (20 km southwest of Hobart) as part of a larger planting of 1,000 trees, by the local LandcareTAS group coordinated by Roz Thurn and Peter Stronach.






The reserve received its name from the Sandfly coal mine tram that once passed near here before descending through Poverty Gully to a jetty at North West Bay. The coal mine was worked from 1904 to 1910, the tram-lines were removed in 1922. A short walk takes you across open grassland and through light bush, featuring stringybarks and blue gums, with a forested gully and small dam.


Photos from the day.


Despite the weather forecast a fantastic group of volunteers turned up to plant 1000 trees and help map the threatened plant; epacris virgata. Thank you to Simon for purchasing 120 trees towards this project. Thank also to the Tramway Hill Landcare Group, Kingborough Council and Conservation Volunteers Australia for their amazing support on the day.

Peter Stronach | Coordinator | Landcare Tasmania


Hughes Renovators Paradise’s passion for beautiful recycled building materials can be seen on their website and it is great to see all the products they have saved from landfill.


Corporate social responsibility can take many forms but for us … tree planting hits a number of targets! Community groups benefit as they receive free trees for their projects. The environment benefits as trees mean habitat for the native insects, birds, reptiles and mammals. And companies benefit too. ‘Through CSR programs, companies can help society while promoting their own brands. Corporate social responsibility can boost morale and can help both employees and employers feel more connected with the world around them’ (


Sláinte – Colleen

Colleen Filippa is the Founder and Director of Fifteen Trees. This year, Fifteen Trees celebrates 10 years. To be part of the movement of companies looking to make a tangible contribution to our community groups and our native environment, contact Colleen at <[email protected]> or on 0400 040 659.

Tramway Hills Reserve (2019) – 1,000 trees / Skretting 853 / Renovators Paradise 120 / Friends of Fifteen Trees 27



June 12, 2024
Individual actions really do matter! Individually we can really only make small differences to the world around us, but collectively our numbers add up. And if enough individuals are involved then forests can be grown!


June 10, 2024
We have a handful of organisations who purchase trees when they can. These organisations are masters of ingenuity when it comes to incorporating tree planting into their business practices.


May 21, 2024
The Institute of Public Accounts has supported one of our revegetation projects by purchasing a tree for every attendee at their recent Victorian Conference held in Ballarat, VIC. The trees (70) were planted in the district, in the weeks following the conference.