February 27, 2023


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Munash. Loving plants and the planet.

Since 2018, the Munash Organics team has partnered with Fifteen Trees to plant 780 trees – a significant gift to the community that will help create a better environment for future generations.




These three words launched Munash Organics back in 2010 and the Victorian company has continued its inspirational approach to this day. Owners, Bec and Shan, are passionate about soil health. The company was born out of Bec’s love for organic gardening, from her own hands-on exploration of soil fertility on the family farm in the Western Victorian village of Pootilla, near Ballarat. She recognised the importance of soil health whether you were a backyard veggie grower or a market gardener. Bec’s vision to create simple, easy to use and enriching garden products was the starting point for Munash Organics.













In their quest to work with the environment, the Munash team continually explore new methods in gardening, organics and regenerative agriculture that enhances ecosystem function. They believe that with healthy, mineral-rich soils comes plant, animal and human health, so Munash Organics is all about making products that not only help your indoor and outdoor plants to thrive, but that also nourish you. Soil health equates to human health, to Bek, Shan and team.


Love Your Plants range.


Since 2018, the Munash Organics team has partnered with Fifteen Trees to plant 780 trees – a significant gift to the community that will help create better environments. In late 2022, their latest batch (150 trees) were planted at Emu Bottom, VIC.


Volunteers working to restore the native environment.


Friends of Emu Bottom in Central Victoria were delighted to learn that we could support their revegetation project by purchasing 150 of their trees on their behalf. This was all due to the generosity of Bec and Shan.

A few days before the scheduled planting, Friends of Emu Bottom arranged for the site to be cleared of weeds. After weeks of rain, the soil was in perfect condition; soft and moist, ideal for planting of the new seedlings (who love settling their roots in damp soil) and for the planters (as it makes digging easier). A small group of volunteers arrived early at 8.30am on tree planting day and under threatening skies, pre-dug the holes. They then laid out the plants, stakes and guards at each of the holes, ready for the next wave of volunteers who were due at 10.00am. The rain did ultimately catch up with the planting group, forcing the rapid gathering and packing up of tools into the trailer.


The rains arrived just as the planting was completed. Perfect timing!


It was such a great day, thanks to all the people who came to plant the trees and shrubs. This new native vegetation will create habitat for birds, protect our frogs and generally provide us all with joy. The trees have gone to a great home and will be well looked.

Christina Cheer | Coordinator | Emu Bottom Landcare


A field of volunteers.

These new native trees will bring birds back into the area, enticing native birds such as the Red-browed finch, Superb blue wren, Grey fantail, Rose robin, Crested shriketit, Yellow tailed thornbill, and the Willy wagtail. In particular, it is hoped that the Sheoaks will encourage the Yellow tailed black cockatoos to come visit, as they love the seeds of this particular tree. Barking owls have been heard in the area and it is hoped that in in time, they too will make use of the larger trees.


Red-browed finch (Top L), Superb blue wren (Top R), Grey fantail (Bottom L), Rose robin (Bottom R).


The planting will provide shelter for echidnas and other small ground creatures such as the rare Growling Grass Frog. A biodiversity of plants will bring a biodiversity of animals. From Fifteen Trees and Friends of Emu Botttom, thank you Munash Organics for your sponsorship of this planting project. Read more about the lovely humans at Munash here.


If you would like to know more about sponsoring community tree planting projects and how we can assist you in becoming a more sustainable business, please contact Colleen at <[email protected]>.



Writer: Bronwyn Blaiklock.

Bronwyn is a multidisciplinary creative: a poet, a pianist, a reformed perfectionist. She has worked in the creative and education sectors for over 25 years. She also confesses to having an affair with an accordion, but whatever you do, don’t tell the piano. Find Bronwyn here.



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