September 25, 2020


In Memory of Loved Ones.

Harrison Funerals is one of our oldest supporters. Since 2010, Harrison Funerals has partnered with Fifteen Trees to plant one mature tree for every funeral service held. At the end of this season, we will have planted 800 trees for Harrison Funerals.




Harrison Funerals is one of our oldest supporters. Since 2010, Harrison Funerals has partnered with Fifteen Trees to plant one mature tree for every funeral service held. At the end of this season, we will have planted 800 trees for Harrison Funerals.


Harrison Funeral’s plantings are truly community affairs. All the trees are planted by community groups, and in shared spaces – schools, community grounds, public reserves and gardens. Because of this, the memory of the loved one is tied to a sense of belonging, and of place. The trees (a mix of exotic and native, depending on the location) are wanted, cared for, and appreciated by those who plant them. In addition, they provide habitat and shade, filter the air, and stabilise the soil.


In 2020, we planted 74 trees for Harrison Funerals at the following sites:

  • Black Hill Primary School (20 trees)
  • Dana St Primary School (8 trees)
  • Phoenix Secondary College (20 trees)
  • Buninyong Cemetery (10 trees)
  • Buninyong Primary School (16)


Buninyong Primary School



I would like to thank you, the team at Fifteen Trees, and the Harrison family for your generous gift of trees to the Buninyong Primary school.

Working with a group of volunteers from the Friends of the Buninyong Botanic Gardens, the children planted a total of 16 trees at the school as part of National Tree week late in July 2020.

  • Two Indian Chestnuts were planted either side of the car park entrance on Inglis St next to the school gym.
  • Eight Ash trees were planted to form avenues on the western and eastern sides of the staff car park off Simpson St.
  • Four Gingo trees—tree female form and one male form—were planted on the southern side of the school oval (Simpson St) to form a small copse.
  • One ash tree was planted behind the Old Police Station to provide shade for a small platform used by the children for small informal performances.
  • Finally, one Ash tree was planted to provide shade to the western wall of the school building known as the BER.

All the trees were staked and mulched with materials provided by the school. Where appropriate, the trees have been pruned to form clear trunks to above head height. In the summer months to come, a team of volunteers from FBBG have agreed conduct a watering program.

Mark Jones | President |Friends of the Buninyong Botanic Gardens



Black Hill Primary School


On goes the dirt.


We are very grateful to our sponsors – Maree and Brian Harrison for our wonderful trees.

Our Environmental Monitors student leaders and School Captains will be measuring the growth of the trees each week and ensuring they have plenty of water. Mrs Westlake has selected an Ornamental Pear to plant to help form a barrier between our neighbours houses and the school tennis fence. This will look lovely when they grow, especially in Spring. Our school neighbours think it is great too! Our Year 3 and 4 students with their teacher Andrew, underwent some tree planting, mulching and fertilising lessons with our experts.

Thank you to Harrison Funerals, Fifteen Trees and Avalon Nursery for their generosity of donating 20 Ornamental Pear trees for our school.

Penny Westlake | Assistant Principal | Black Hill Primary School


Well done team.


Phoenix College

Thank you to the Maree and Brian Harrisons (Harrison Funerals) and Colleen Filippa (Previous Phoenix College Staff Member) for donating trees that supports individuals and businesses to reduce their carbon emissions by planting trees. This is a great way to provide trees for schools and volunteering organisations for planting. Also a big thank you Avalon Nursery especially Johanna, (previous Phoenix College student) who supports this tree program.

Brendan Johnston | VCAL Coordinator | Phoenix College


One of the 20 trees planted at Phoenix College.


Dana St Primary School


Great work Dana St.


For the students at Dana St Primary School, in a COVID-term devoid of excursions, concert and even attendance at school for most, the donation of trees from Harrison Funerals via Fifteen Trees was great celebration!

The students onsite planted the trees in suitable positions around the school grounds. These trees will soften the landscape of this CBD situated school. They will provide shade and beautiful foliage, as well as flowers to attract local birds. The kids had a ball planting the trees and are keeping a careful watch over them.

Thank you to both Fifteen Trees and Harrison Funerals from the community at Dana Sty Primary School.

Natalie Toohey | Principal | Ballarat Primary School (Dana St)

The team from Grade 4 and 5.


Buninyong Cemetery

Ten trees have been planted on Harrison Funerals’ behalf at Buninyong Cemetery. This historic cemetery, established in 1852, lies part way between Ballarat and Buninyong. Its beautiful older trees are gradually being supported by the judicious addition of younger specimens, ensuring a serene and lovely space to reflect and remember for many decades to come.


Colleen (Fifteen Trees), Maree Harrison (Harrison Funerals) and Roger Permezel (Friends of Buninyong Gardens).


We love the symbolism of trees planted as part of marking a person’s life. They provide a place to identify, a link to memory, and proof that good things will grow and prosper if we want them to. Eight hundred trees is a small forest. A small forest of faith in the future and respect for the past.


Harrison Funerals at Main Rd, Ballarat.


Thank you to Maree and Brian Harrison for your continued support to Ballarat communities and their tree planting projects over the past 10 years.


Writer – Sarah Hart.

Sarah is an artist whose passions include the stories and experiences of women and narrative driven creative work. Her aim is to delight, to reveal glimpses of everyday beauty, and to celebrate flights of the ordinary. Sarah works across a range of media, with an abiding interest in pen and ink, mixed media and the human form. You can find Sarah here.



June 18, 2024
Furnx is taking proactive steps each day and planning into the future, to ensure their company is part of a circular economy. Reducing waste and consumption of resources, and increasing recycling and reuse of materials is top of mind in every business decision they make, contributing to a more sustainable world. And now they are planting trees!


June 18, 2024
‘We feel very grateful, thankful and quite overwhelmed when we think about the contributions of all of the people involved. The project would not have happened without the support from sponsors of Fifteen Trees and such sterling efforts from Landcare and all the volunteers’. Kinglake Landcare.


June 17, 2024
‘We have some amazing customers who buy a tree as an extra when they book a tour with us. We have also bought some to help mother nature’. EcoTreasures.