August 25, 2016


G.J. Gardner Launceston and their trees.


Ross Morley, Managing Director of G. J. Gardner Homes has been supporting our native environment (through Fifteen Trees) since 2013 and has helped plant 1000’s of trees across Victoria and Tasmania. For every new home built, Fifteen Trees organises the planting of 15 trees in the local district. This year, the project will see over 8,500 trees planted by schools, landcare and various environmental groups. GJGLogo_NO-TAG_WHITE_BG_lrg Chris and Tanya Dell from G. J. Gardner Homes Launceston are generous supporters of local community groups and their tree planting projects. This year, Chris and Tanya have purchased 315 trees for the Windsor Park Precinct Community Project and the Riverside Olympic Soccer Club, with coordination from the Allison Hugo at NRM North. At the soccer club teams planted around the recreational field where they train.   IMG_4345  
Hi Colleen, Thanks so much for creating this opportunity. We had 2 very successful planting sessions. First on Sunday 31st July at the Windsor Precinct with the Youth Coalition Climate Coalition and the Body Shop staff (12 community members). Second on Thursday 10 August and Tuesday 17 August at the Riverside Olympic Soccer Grounds with the Riverside Olympic Junior Soccer Club. We had approximately 30 plus teams and 60 plus planters. Rod from GJ Gardner Homes attended yesterday afternoon’s planting. Thanks again for your support and this wonderful community based opportunity. Alison Hugo | Regional Landcare Facilitator  | NRM North Tasmania
  Huge thank you to Chris and Tanya for your on-going support. And thanks too to Rod for going out to help plant the trees. Slànte – Colleen  



June 12, 2024
Individual actions really do matter! Individually we can really only make small differences to the world around us, but collectively our numbers add up. And if enough individuals are involved then forests can be grown!


June 10, 2024
We have a handful of organisations who purchase trees when they can. These organisations are masters of ingenuity when it comes to incorporating tree planting into their business practices.


May 21, 2024
The Institute of Public Accounts has supported one of our revegetation projects by purchasing a tree for every attendee at their recent Victorian Conference held in Ballarat, VIC. The trees (70) were planted in the district, in the weeks following the conference.