July 25, 2022


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Goulburn Valley Goodness.

Chris and Sharri Longmore from G.J. Gardner Homes Shepparton are generous supporters of local community groups, and their tree planting projects. Over the past three years Chris, Sharri and their team purchased over 1,000 native trees for the Goulburn Valley district.



Chris and Sharri Longmore from G.J. Gardner Homes Shepparton are generous supporters of local community groups, and their tree planting projects. Since 2020, Chris, Sharri and their team purchased 1,035 native plants for the Goulburn Valley district.





To keep the local connection, all trees are organised to be planted in the Goulburn Valley. Local Landcare groups determine the best tree species for the site. The seedlings themselves are often grown by local independent nurseries who have collected seed from the region by hand. The sites that have been planted over the past 3 years have included nature reserves, parklands, roadsides, riverbanks & rural properties.


tree planting
Sturdy boots, a hat, sunscreen and drinking water and a-planting we will go!


G.J. Gardner’s core business is building homes. Safe, secure places for families to grow and thrive for many years to come. We love that alongside this G.J. Gardner is planting forests, which is very much the same thing; safe, secure places for our native wildlife to grow and thrive.


2022 Planting | 600 Native Trees

This year’s trees were planted at 3 sites, including the township of Numurkah, Wunghnu and Broken Boosey State Park. The plants were a selection of wattles such as silver, lightwood, weeping boree, black and mallee, and smaller tree species such as bottlebrush, saltbush and hedges.

Site 1. On the outskirts of Numurkah, an old irrigation channel was infilled with a range of native trees and shrubs, while in the township itself, the Urban Landcare Group (ULG) planted along the streetscape.


Volunteers from Numurkah ULC.


Site 2. At Wunghnu, people from the Community Correctional Services in Shepparton helped plant out native plants at the Moira Miniature Railway site.


Volunteers from Corrections.


Site 3. At Broken Boosey State Park, hundreds of plants will help revegetate this important ecosystem that runs along sections of Nine Mile Creek, Boosey Creek, and Broken Creek, between Shepparton and Tocumwal. The trees will help repair the damage the creek systems have endured since European settlement. There are several threatened and endangered species doing their best to survive in the remnant vegetation. The Squirrel Glider (L) and Superb Parrot (top R) and The Bush Stone Curlew (bottom R) are examples of native wildlife that make this park their home.



Native wildlife at Broken Boosey State Park.


Thank you to the Australian Native Farm Forestry for supplying the plants, and Sandy Rodwell for coordinating the planting across the Wunghnu and Numurkah district of the Goldburn Valley with a number of organisations.


2021 Planting | 435 Native Trees

Sturdy boots, a hat, sunscreen and drinking water are the perfect accompaniment to a tree planting day and that’s all the preparation the good folk from Wunghnu Landcare needed, along with a passion for nature, for their tree planting adventures in the Goulburn Valley.


tree planting
Teaching our kids the importance of nature is vital.


The 435 trees were planted in the township of Wunghnu thanks to the local Landcare crew and G.J. Gardner Homes Shepparton. Wunghnu population is a tiny 334 people, and is on the traditional lands of the Yorta Yorta people. Offering an abundance of wildlife in the area, these new trees will serve the land well.


tree planting
Red River Gum is a common large tree in the Goulburn Valley region.


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August 14, 2022
Based in Melbourne’s Southeast and servicing Bayside Melbourne and the Peninsula, SEMM Build have planted 105 trees to date for Fifteen Trees, with the latest being added to the world famous Grampians National Park region, in Gariewerd Country.


August 6, 2022
Scott Doughty and Judy Corcoran from G.J. Gardner Homes Mornington are generous supporters of local community groups, and their tree planting projects. This year Scott, Judy and their team purchased 360 native trees for the Mornington Peninsula bringing their total tree tally to 1,665.


August 6, 2022
Reeds Consulting are ‘walking the talk’ when it comes to sustainability. Recently they purchased 500 native trees, shrubs and ground-covers for 2 Victorian community groups (Westgate Biodiversity and Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation).