October 25, 2022


Fleetcor caring for Taungurung Country.

On Tuesday October 11th 2022, 25 employees from Fleetcor gathered at Peregrin Drive, Kinglake West, Taungurung Country, to revegetate a degraded site with 500 native trees, grasses and shrubs.



Fleetcor know how to deal with big numbers. After all, they process billions of transactions every year in over 100 countries. They not only are developing better ways for companies to manage their mixed fleets, they are shaping the future of global business payments.

FleetCor have adopted a number of innovative solutions which streamline payment processes, and help companies control spending. Equally they know how many big numbers of indigenous trees are needed to be planted in Australia for our survival; their love of planet, binds them to this cause.


A feeling of accomplishment accompanies a tree planting session.


Twenty-five wonderful employees from Fleetcor gathered at Peregrin Drive, Kinglake West / Taungurung Country (part of the Kulin Nation) and set to the task of planting native trees, grasses and shrubs. The area is on Crown land and managed by Murrindindi Shire.


A mixed variety of plants picked for numerous animals diet and habitat.


The site is a revegetation site (pine trees have been removed to make way for native plants), with remnants of fern trees, which have not been removed. The planting is next to a tributary of Stoney Creek, a very important waterway of the area as it is the habitat of the Long-nosed Bandicoot. These animals are real foragers, as they search out insects and berries found on the ground. With a sensitive nose they can readily sniff out insects, worms, roots and even fungi, and the understory of their homes is crucial to their survival, acting as their food bowl.


The merry planting gang.


The planting, coordinated by Upper Goulburn Landcare Network (UGLN) included species such as Silver Wattle, Silky Golden Tip, Sweet Bursaria, Victorian Christmas Bush, Prickly Current Bush, and Musk Daisy Bush.


Thank you Fleetcor for you assistance in helping local communities in the revegetation of this site.


Writer; Lou Ridsdale.

Lou is a big fan of words and has been our Comms Manager since 2019.

She is a big-minded green thumb, Earth Lover, big-hearted nature freak plus a savvy media and horticulture expert, who passionately believe that everyone can lead a more nourishing and sustainable life. Her passion for education + communication being the most empowering tool for change is reflected in her setting up her own business Hey Hoe Let’s Grow. She also founded Food Is Free Inc. a unique grassroots food security platform specialising in food security education. She fell in love with trees after reading The Magic Faraway Tree as a child.

You can find Lou here.




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