November 9, 2021


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Essential kindness to planet Earth.

Family-owned business Essential Flavours have been gifting inspiring and on-trend flavours for Australian home since 1989. And this year, through their passion for the environment and combating climate change, they have gifted our planet 2,250 trees.



Essential Flavours have have been bringing a vast array of inspiring and on-trend flavours into Australian home since 1989. The flavours produced by their technical teams are created, produced, manufactured, distributed to food, beverage, and nutraceutical companies across the Asia Pacific region. They also offer a especially created flavour science and technology course, run by their competent trainers via their ‘Flavour Academy ™’, who are keenly dedicated to passing on their knowledge to future generations.



SITE A | You Yangs | 750 trees


This year, to date, Koala Clancy Foundation has successfully planted 14,667 koala trees in the valleys of the You Yangs, near Geelong, Victoria. At this rate they will achieve their target of 20,000 trees in one season. It hasn’t been without challenges. Many of their community plantings were cancelled and/or postponed due to covid outbreaks. Uncertainty has affected their volunteer numbers during the entire planting season. Despite these challenges, they are to be commended for planting so many koala habitat trees along the Little, Barwon and Moorabool Rivers in the  Victorian Western Plains.


Landowner Dohdan planting with volunteers from Koala Clancy Foundation.


Throughout all of these lockdowns, our amazing team have planted trees until their arms were sore and their knees were wobbly. You can pick a Koala Clancy team member from their lean figure and muscly shoulders (not to mention their dirty fingernails)!

Thank you Essential Flavours for your support with this year’s tree planting season.  Because of supporters like you, we have achieved our goal of 20,000 trees this season.

Janine Duffy | President | Koala Clancy Foundation Inc.


One of the koala’s from the local populations.

SITE B | Mornington Peninsula | 1500 trees


Thank you to Essential Flavours for your support for our community tree planting projects… several local groups are rallying behind this project and indeed the community have much needed these positive vibes after all that we have endured in Victoria this year.

We have also partnered with the Mornington Peninsula Shire and Parks VIC to include more landholders and so our original target area has now been extended. This is great news for the local wild koalas.

Dirk Jansen | President | Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation


Tree planting people power


With the help of our enviro-heroes Mornington Peninsula Koala Conversation, the trees sponsored by Essential Flavours are planted on the traditional lands of the Boon Wurrung (Bunurong) people of the Kulin Nation. Mornington Peninsula Landcare Network also assist with the grunt work – planting the trees and native bushes, which will protect the Peninsula’s koala population by restoring existing vegetation and connect remaining koala habitats.


Protecting the local Mornington Peninsula koala population – one tree at a time


Tree planting is a family affair!


Since partnering with us, Essential Flavours have a relentless dedication to tree planting projects to create habitat, add biodiversity and all the other benefits that come with environmental care. As a commitment to that, they are planting approximately 250 trees per month.


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Lou Ridsdale is a big fan of words and has been our Comms Manager since 2019.

She is a big-minded green thumb, Earth Lover, big-hearted nature freak plus a savvy media and horticulture expert, who passionately believe that everyone is capable of leading a more nourishing and sustainable life. Her passion for education + communication being the most empowering tool for change is reflected in her setting up her own digital/comms agency Hey Hoe Let’s Grow Socials. She also founded Food Is Free Inc. a unique grassroots food security platform specialising in food security education. She fell in love with trees after reading The Magic Faraway Tree as a child.

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November 29, 2021
We wouldn’t get far without friendship. Someone to check in on us, someone to laugh with, cry with, someone to give us a hand when we need it. Here at Fifteen Trees we are humbled to have eighty of the best friends anyone could wish for. The kind of friends who really step up, who are selfless, community minded, and serious about creating a better future together.


November 26, 2021
Michael Ellett from G.J. Gardner Homes East Gippsland are generous supporters of local community groups, and their tree planting projects. To date they have planted 2,580 trees. This year Michael and his team purchased 720 native plants trees for the Gippsland Lakes region which is on country spanning three indigenous nations of Bidewell, Yuin, Gunnaikurnai and Monero (Ngarigo), and planted out by Tambo Bluff Landcare Coastcare. They know conservation and restoration of indigenous vegetation have long term benefits in terms of human health, quality of life and environmental sustainability.


November 26, 2021
Ludek and Lenka Valta from G.J. Gardner Homes Hobart West are generous supporters of local community groups, and their tree planting projects. To date they have planted over 2,370 trees. This year Ludek, Lenka and their team purchased 540 native plants trees for the Hobart region, on Nipaluna country, and planted out by students from Dodges Ferry Primary School.