May 8, 2024


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Equip Physiotherapy. Healing nature.

Equip Physiotherapy and Pilates is a thriving physiotherapy practice in the busy rural hub of Horsham, Western Victoria. Its team of highly qualified staff can help with anything from sports injuries to dizziness and beyond. They’ve also, with little fanfare but plenty of foresight, committed to doing their part for the environment by planting trees.



Equip Physiotherapy and Pilates is a thriving physiotherapy practice in the busy rural hub of Horsham, Western Victoria. Its team of highly qualified staff can help with anything from sports injuries to dizziness and beyond. They’ve also, with little fanfare but plenty of foresight, committed to doing their part for the environment by planting trees.



There is a special place in our hearts for small businesses who genuinely care about the planet they rely on. Equip has partnered with Fifteen Trees to sponsor 150 trees every year. Here where we have planted are their trees over the past 4 years.


2024 | Reservoir, VIC | 150 trees

The trees (including shrubs and grasses) were planted at Edwardes Lake and Edgars Creek Wetlands located in Reservoir, Victoria. Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country. This area is classed as Grassy Woodlands. The aim of the planting group is to restore vegetation to this standard and protect the few remnants areas of vegetation that are left.


The project was undertaken by Friends of Lake Edwardes.


This waterway is a tributary of the Merri Creek which in turn, is a tributary of the Yarra River. It is a precious system that provides much needed habitat to countless species. This waterway also allows people in the local area to connect with nature.


The species selected for the site (including, Banksia, Cassinia, Saltbush, Tea-Tree and Tussock-Grass) will support the local biodiversity that calls the local waterway home. The Saltbushes will provide food for lizards and birds. The Tussock-Grass will provide cover for ground dwelling species and nesting material for birds. The Cassinia will provide a food source for insects in turn creating food for small insect-eating birds.


More friends of the lake.


Edwardes Lake and Edgars Creek is home to Ringtail and Brushtail Possums, Microbats, Grey headed Flying Foxes, Cormorants, Grebes, Swans, Swamphens, Herons, Coots, Lorikeets, Frogmouths, Thornbills, Wagtails, Honeyeaters and many species of insects and reptiles.


We would like to thank those who contributed to this project. You have allowed us to plant local species in our community to support wildlife and allow people to connect with nature. The legacy of your contribution will go on to support biodiversity and care for country for generations.

Kate Jost | President | Friends of Edwardes Lake


2023 | Grampians, Gariwerd, VIC | 150 trees

The 150 trees were a mix of purposefully selected plants to compliment the birdlife, insects, and other creatures who call The Grampians/Gariwerd their home. The trees were also selected to survive the cold winters and dry summers the mountainous terrain experiences. They will grow to varying heights (tall and understory) to ensure a variety of habitats for the local wildlife.


tree planting
Cheeky galahs are prevalent in the Grampians region


The trees will add to the amazingly diverse landscape consisting of gorge environs, steep rocky walls famous for rock-climbing, deep valleys, and undulating hills. They will provide homes and fodder for many species including the extensive bird life found there.

These birds need different trees to survive and we are thankful for the expertise of the Buloke and Northern Grampians Landcare Network (BNGLN) in their support in helping to plant these trees. We recently interviewed Andrew Borg, coordinator of this Network. You can read the interview here.


The trees were sourced from native nurseries in the district.


2021 | Shelbourne, VIC | 150 trees


Honouring their pledge to reduce their environmental impact on our Victorian countryside, Equip Physiotherapy and Pilates have teamed up with Shelbourne Landcare to plant 150 native trees and shrubs.


tree planting
A mature tree absorbs carbon dioxide at a rate of 48 pounds per year.


Last year, my wife Victoria and kids planted around 80 native gums but we have so much spare land for planting. Thank you to sponsors of Fifteen Trees for enabling us to plant another 150 this year.

For our love for land and wildlife, we are trying to help put back into the earth for the future.

Joshua Talbot | Member | Shelbourne Landcare


group tree planting
Team effort in Shelbourne, near Maldon in the Loddon Shire, Vic


2020 | Bendigo, VIC | 150 trees


Nicole from Northern Grampians Landcare Group.


After a difficult start to the year with bushfire season and then to be hit with Covid and all the restrictions that entailed, we were buoyed by the continued support of  Fifteen Trees and their sponsors. We worked with Parks Victoria to get our Covid Safe procedures in place so that we could pounce when restrictions lifted. Unable to hold our usual community planting days we found a solution, accessing a Drought Employment Program crew through the North Central Catchment Management Authority.

Two days after the planting we had 24hrs of gentle soaking rain to give the plants the perfect start they need. Huge thank you all the sponsors of the Fifteen Trees Community Tree Planting Projects, of which we are grateful members.

Nicole Howie | Secretary | Northern Bendigo Landcare Group



It’s quite possible that when we rock up to the physio with a crook back, we aren’t putting a whole lot of thought into whether a creek bank in central Victoria can survive another flood event without some serious stability assistance. But someone, somewhere, is worried about it. And someone else, maybe that very someone who took your booking, has sat down, talked about it with their partners, and decided that yes, everything is connected and it does matter about that creek bank. Or that fire-affected landscape. Or that shrinking patch of koala habitat.


Building a greener, more sustainable future is going to take all of us doing what we can. We’re proud to partner with Equip Physiotherapy, a small practice doing what it can to reduce its environmental impact and make a better world.


If you are interested in how your business and Fifteen Trees could work together, contact us at <[email protected]>  or check out our COMPANY page for more info.


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June 18, 2024
Furnx is taking proactive steps each day and planning into the future, to ensure their company is part of a circular economy. Reducing waste and consumption of resources, and increasing recycling and reuse of materials is top of mind in every business decision they make, contributing to a more sustainable world. And now they are planting trees!


June 18, 2024
‘We feel very grateful, thankful and quite overwhelmed when we think about the contributions of all of the people involved. The project would not have happened without the support from sponsors of Fifteen Trees and such sterling efforts from Landcare and all the volunteers’. Kinglake Landcare.


June 17, 2024
‘We have some amazing customers who buy a tree as an extra when they book a tour with us. We have also bought some to help mother nature’. EcoTreasures.