December 13, 2018


A Gift from Ballarat Tech School


Located in Ballarat’s CBD, the Ballarat Tech School is the centre of excellence for science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in the region. BTS introduces local secondary school students to high-tech learning environments. With experts in STEM on staff, the centre connects schools and industry into innovative learning programs that challenge students to solve real world problems.  

BTS aims to prepare students with the skills and knowledge for future careers in the STEM fields.

  Working with industry is a big part of the BTS agenda. As a thank you to all the industry partners who aligned themselves with the centre in 2018, Sofia Fiusco (Director) as asked us to plant 120 trees.       The trees were sourced from Bili Nursery and planted at Westgate Park by the team at Westgate Biodiversity. The Park is managed by Parks Victoria with a lot of input from Westgate Biodiversity and Friends of Westgate Park. Over the years, there has been extensive plantings of indigenous trees and shrubs by the Friends Group. As a result of the regeneration work, Westgate Park is ‘now a haven for a variety of bird species including stilts, ibis, spoonbills, ducks, gulls, coots, pelicans, swans and moorhens’.

  Thank you Sofia for thinking of Fifteen Trees when it came to gifts for your industry partners. Next time you drive towards Melbourne over the Westgate Bridge, ensure you look to your left and down. Your trees (120) are directly below you!   Sláinte – Colleen    



June 12, 2024
Individual actions really do matter! Individually we can really only make small differences to the world around us, but collectively our numbers add up. And if enough individuals are involved then forests can be grown!


June 10, 2024
We have a handful of organisations who purchase trees when they can. These organisations are masters of ingenuity when it comes to incorporating tree planting into their business practices.


May 21, 2024
The Institute of Public Accounts has supported one of our revegetation projects by purchasing a tree for every attendee at their recent Victorian Conference held in Ballarat, VIC. The trees (70) were planted in the district, in the weeks following the conference.