May 22, 2022


B2B and the community spirit

B2B Technology puts a great deal of energy into figuring out ways to make print systems greener and more sustainable. B2B is well aware that printing comes with a cost.



B2B Technologies makes printing easier. It sounds simple, but anyone who’s ever stood in front of a printer swearing profusely knows that a smooth print workflow is a crucial component of an efficient office. B2B will find you the right printer, and help you set up a streamlined system that works for your business.



And then they’ll plant trees for you!


B2B puts a great deal of energy into figuring out ways to make print systems greener and more sustainable. B2B is well aware that printing comes with a cost. For example: printing one page on a laser printer emits approximately 1 gram of Co2. The creation of the piece of paper itself emits 5 grams. These numbers add up quickly. In tree terms, a print load of 13,000 pages per month is equal to six trees per year. But it’s definitely possible to reduce the overall impact. In this case, B2B has partnered with Fifteen Trees to plant trees for every customer who signs up with the company.


Bullanbul Creek, VIC | 470 trees | May 2022


Bullanbul Creek, Warrnambool, VIC.


Planting of 470 trees occurred at a remote spring fed gully in Bullanbul Creek, Grassmere, SW Victoria, which had very few existing tree species. The site was wet underfoot therefore trees were planted on the higher section close to fence line and species selected survive well in wet conditions.

The owner of the property had his first experience in planting native trees and was helped by two members of the Hopkins Falls Landcare Group, which was a great experience for all involved. A huge thanks to Fifteen Trees and B2B Technologies for the offer of the trees and your help to make these plantings possible.

Jane O’Beirne | Coordinator | Hopkins Falls Landcare Centre


Daintree, QLD | 200 trees | March 2022


Volunteers from Daintree Life.


This month, B2B trees were planted by community group Daintree Life at the wonderful Cape Tribulation. Working with a team of 14, they very quickly planted 500 trees, of which 200 were provided by B2B.

In conjunction with Douglas Shire Council, various stakeholders and landowners, Daintree Live aims to:

  • identify key areas of land for suitable revegetation,
  • to promote positive outcomes for the Daintree ecosystem and the broader environment and
  • help the local economy.

Connie, Dave and the team were delighted with the trees we were able to provide them with and sincerely thank our ongoing supporters such as B2B Technologies.


Seymour, TAS | 250 trees | September 2021


A couple of hardworking tree planters.


Hundreds of native seedlings (250) have already been planted at Seymour, TAS  thanks to B2B Technologies and its customers. These young trees (Eucalyptus globulus, Allocasuarina verticillata and Banksia marginata) are busy cleaning the air, providing habitat, and fortifying our landscape against the challenges to come. We love a company that can see the connection between its growth and its impact and chooses to do something about it.


Under the rainbow. Heaven!


The seedlings were grown from Seymour sourced seed at Habitat Nursery near Liffey. The week of rain prior to planting day made the job easier, and now the plants can thrive and flourish. To have an enthusiastic group of young people assisting with the project is exciting and now we have 250 new trees in our community thanks to Fifteen Trees sponsors.

D.Steiner & Q. Smith | Members | Seymour Community Action Group Inc.


Condobolin, NSW | 100 trees | June 2021


One of the 100 trees planted on the behalf of our B2B Technology


Condobolin and Districts Landcare were lucky to receive 100 mixed native tubestock for planting in our region. A number of different sites were chosen for these plantings which comprised of both public land (Gum Bend Lake) and on private land in the area.

A local youth group helped to plant seedlings in the new bird habitat area of our recreational lake. This area has been created to give birds a safe area to rest, breed and forage for food. The plantings will stabilise the banks of the lake and create vital habitat for the birds and other wildlife. The tubestock, once grown, will facilitate numerous benefits to our native wildlife such as bees, gliders, birds, insects and bugs, but there will also be many benefits seen in land productivity through soil stabilisation, wind and shelterbelts to surrounding land and livestock. The list goes on.

All species planted were native to Australia, some being endemic to our region also.

Thank you to the supporters of Fifteen Trees for supplying these seedlings to our community. We are ever so grateful and look forward to seeing them growing into strong, healthy plants.

Sarah Cranney | Local Landcare Coordinator | Condobolin & Districts Landcare


Some of the species planted included: Wyalong Wattle, Weeping Myall, Lemon-scented Bottlebrush, River Oak, Lemon scented Gum, Red Flowering Gum, River Redgum, Yellow Gum, Grey Box, Christmas Hakea and Honey Honey Myrtle.


Sonia, one of the volunteers at the Condobolin tree planting day.



It’s not only community-spirited of B2B to consider the inbuilt carbon costs of its industry – it’s sound business practice. When things run smoothly, efficiently, and with a compassionate eye on the future, everyone benefits. The company, the client, and the environment. That’s how sustainability works.


B2B Technologies focuses on providing businesses with the best-in-class print, document and collaboration solutions, assisting them to become more green and sustainable in their everyday work practices. Our company wants to do our part for the environment, so we went a step further and looked for more ways to support the environment. Partnering with fifteen trees has allowed us to expand our sustainable initiatives and directly give back to the environment. Each tree planted will be done in the name of our customers, so they know the sustainable impact they’re having when they become a client.


Rebecca Belleli | Marketing & Comms Coordinator | B2B Technologies


Writer – Sarah Hart.

Sarah is an artist whose passions include the stories and experiences of women and narrative driven work. Her aim is to delight, to reveal glimpses of everyday beauty and to celebrate flights of the ordinary. Sarah works across a range of media, with an abiding interest in pen and ink, mixed media and the human form. You can find Sarah here.




May 22, 2022
Downer is purchasing trees instead of promotion materials for their conferences this year. And we couldn’t be more delighted! First up is 200 trees for The Australian Airports Association (AAA) OPS SWAP Forum in Sydney this June.


May 22, 2022
What has now become an annual tradition, Viv Phung asks us to purchase trees in loving memory of her daughter Bee.
New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania, Victoria


May 22, 2022
B2B Technology puts a great deal of energy into figuring out ways to make print systems greener and more sustainable. B2B is well aware that printing comes with a cost.