December 23, 2021


Planted in

A collective planting.

People from all walks of life can do things each day to reduce their carbon footprint and make their routine more eco-friendly. Becoming an environmental warrior doesn’t require a superhero-like effort. Something as simple as getting your super & investments out of one of the big 4 banks or going green with your energy provider.



People from all walks of life can do things each day to reduce their carbon footprint and make their routine more eco-friendly. Becoming an environmental warrior doesn’t require a superhero-like effort. Something as simple as getting your super & investments out of one of the big 4 banks* or going green with your energy provider.


A young eucalyptus is planted.


And then there are those eco-warriors, who purchase trees to enable us to support Australian community tree planting projects.

Thank you to the following who purchased 6 trees to cover their flights:

  • Gerri Savage.
  • Llewellyn Wishart.
  • Colleen Filippa for the amazing Lucy Bloom.

3 X 6 trees = 18 trees

Thank you to the following who all purchased 15 trees;

  • Heather Clark. Trees for brother Jim’s birthday.
  • Arnna Pickering.
  • Julie Atkinson/Okido Yoga Group.
  • Elissa Goodrich.
  • Hilary Coleman.
  • John Toman.
  • Melanie Houston. Trees for Handel Aubrey 70th birthday. ‘Happy Birthday Handel’. 
  • Upinder Sidhu.
  • Darin French.
  • Shannon Haintz.
  • Sabrina Robertson.
  • Luke O’Connor.
  • John Warren.
  • Yoni Prior for Maxine Palmerson’s 21st birthday.
  • Paige Duggan for Maeve Ruth Graham on her 1st birthday.

‘I purchased these trees for you as a promise and hope for your future. It is as a pledge, as a grown up, to nurture, protect and heal the planet you are inheriting. We can proactively piece together many small actions in our lives to fix and improve our world.  As these trees grow, so will you. And though I may not see you often, I love you dear Maeve.

Love Aunty Paige’

  • Rebeccca Lo for National Tree Day.
  • Thomas Trika, who purchased 15 trees when we asked for a quote!
  • Ann Smith for Mel. Your dedication to making this a better planet a better place is inspiring. Happy 40th Mel. Love from Brett, Ann, Mae and Zoe.
  • Craig Patterson for Jo Coldwell-Neilson, Naomi Nirupa David and Karen Miller.
  • Richard Howard-Jones for Zach and Finn. Boys who love black cockatoos!
  • Hugh McGonagle.
  • Samantha Healy.
  • Sabrina Robertson.
  • Patrick Hockey.
  • Neil Wyatt.
  • Colleen Filippa for her dear friend Jill Cree on her birthday. Virgos together!
  • Lynn Ann Wedley for Owen Thomas’ birthday.
  • Laura O’Conor for her dear friend Mary Rose Murray. ‘In loving memory of Mary Rose Murray who died in New York aged 99. May you rest in peace’. Laura, Joe, Maya & Nick O’Conor.
  • Tim Nash.
  • Adriano Cortese.
  • Enrich. Trees for Andy.
  • Joe O’Conor for his brother John and new wife Annie, who being the sustainable couple that they are, requested trees planted in celebration of their wedding held in Ireland last month.
  • Bianca Weyers who purchased 15 trees for her Environmental Class of 2021. One tree for each student. We wish these environmentalists all the very best in their future adventures out in this beautiful wide world of ours.
  • Rose Giannone.
  • Anthony Clifford.
  • Suzanne Horni.
  • Craig Sellick. Trees as a gift to Trepheena.
  • Anne Muirhead.
  • Anna Watts.
  • Deb. Purchased 15 trees for her her one year old nephew.
  • Helen Winter.
  • Eliz Stephen.
  • Don Smith.
  • Linda Black, purchased trees as a gift for presenter Daniele Aitken.
  • Jennifer Soicher. ‘Dearest Shirl, here’s to many more years of tree planting and friendship. Happy birthday darling. With all our love’. Trace (Shnoo), Janey and Soich.
  • Garry Crook purchased trees for sister Margaret ‘Bubbles’ Crook. ‘Thank you Margie for all that you do’. Love from Kim, Gaz, Liam, Belinda and Darcy.
  • Jenny Wheelaham.
  • Peter Eisen.
  • Sam McColl.
  • Samantha Hunt. Trees as a gift.
  • Llewellyn Wishart. Purchased trees for Meg, Gary, Sacha and Naomi. ‘To an exemplary team of educators, a gift of trees, the gift that keeps on giving. With appreciation‘.
  • Mark & Jessica. Purchased trees on the behalf of beloved brother Will Norman.
  • Brooke Santucci. These trees are a gift to her husband on their 5th wedding anniversary.

To my darling love,

It’s amazing to think how quickly these five years have passed since we officially tied the knot – what better way to celebrate our wood anniversary than planting some! This has been our best year yet with the birth of our darling baby girl – may she grow to be as strong and tall as these trees (as well as her Daddy)

The right kind of crazy! Yours forever and always – love B.

Thank you MSD employees (and partners) who each purchased 15 trees at their Sustainability Fair in June;

  • Megan Pearson-Craig.
  • Nicole McCarthy.
  • Daniel Barnaby.
  • Genelle Jessup.
  • Ream Sabbah.
  • Lena Lee.
  • Simon Jessup.
  • Kevin Thomas.
  • Nay Tun.
  • Kate Sharp.
  • Michael Sharp.
  • Daphne Neufeldt.

67 x 15 trees = 855 trees


Thank you to those who purchased 30 trees;

  • Liam O’Shannessy for Naomi and Lee. Thanks for the amazing Tasmanian Trip.
  • Regan Passlow for grandkids Harvey Mulgrew and Audrey Mulgrew.
  • Abby and John for 8 year old Orson. These trees have come from his friends on his birthday.
  • Ranae Worboys for Angela Frimberger. Thank you for making a difference and highlighting the importance of climate action and change we can make. The Elanco Team.
  • Andy Booth.
  • Melanie Brien for Veronica Shannon. Wishing you the happiest of birthdays Ron Bud. All our love from Mel, Lu and Ferné. XOXO
  • Sharon Khanna.
  • David Poulton. Trees for students studying with David at RMIT Interior Design. Hug a tree daily.
  • Jennifer Soicher for Dr Elizabeth Lazarus.
  • Caroline Ferris.

10 X 30 trees = 300 trees


Thank you to those who purchased 45 trees;

  • Phillip and Helen Sherlock.
  • Brooke Flanders.
  • Timothy Salmon.
  • David and Caroline Lloyd. Purchased trees for Anne Horvath. ‘Happy 50th Anne’.

4 x 45 trees = 180 trees


Thank you to those who purchased 60 trees;

  • Anthony Moran.
  • Todd Ross-Kellow.
  • Regan Passlow.

3 X 60 trees = 180 trees


Thank to to those who purchased 100 trees;

Jennifer Lucy for Nikki Muir. Happy birthday Nikki. You are so passionate about the climate and reforesting in Australia that we gathered up a few friends to plant 100 trees in celebration of your birthday. Jen, Erin, Kate, Tom, Caroline, Michael, David, Sally, Blake, Lizzie,  Abby and John.

1 x 100 trees = 100 trees



This year, we gathered up your trees (1,790) and planted them with the Campaspe Valley Landcare Group at 2 sites – Redesdale and Watchbox in Barfold, VIC.


Redesdale District.


Thanks to all supporters of Fifteen Trees, our Landcare group has been able to plan for our revegetation works for 2021. This year we have concentrated mostly on regional roadsides and bushland blocks.

David Cheal | Communications Secretary | Campaspe Landcare



At both sites, River red gums, Lightwoods and Golden Wattles were planted as well as numerous native shrubs and smaller trees.

Thank you to everyone listed above for your contribution to our community tree planting groups. By providing them with trees, they are able to confidently plan their revegetation projects knowing that they have trees to plant.


Colleen Filippa |Director & Founder | Fifteen Trees

*More information here about divestment from The Climate Council.



June 12, 2024
Individual actions really do matter! Individually we can really only make small differences to the world around us, but collectively our numbers add up. And if enough individuals are involved then forests can be grown!


June 10, 2024
We have a handful of organisations who purchase trees when they can. These organisations are masters of ingenuity when it comes to incorporating tree planting into their business practices.


May 21, 2024
The Institute of Public Accounts has supported one of our revegetation projects by purchasing a tree for every attendee at their recent Victorian Conference held in Ballarat, VIC. The trees (70) were planted in the district, in the weeks following the conference.