September 28, 2015

Time with The Raw Food Queen

Let me introduce Kemi Nekvapil (AKA the Raw Food Queen)


I first met Kemi in 2013 at the first Big Hearted Business Conference when she presented to the group some home truths about food.  A funny dynamic woman, Kemi was our first guest speaker and her energy and enthusiasm were catching.

Kemi is a hard woman to catch as she is currently traveling around Australia with her family. However, I managed to ‘track her down’ and she generously gave up some of her time to humour me and answer my questions.

Please describe your work?

I am a speaker, coach and author. My passion is to empower women to nourish themselves and their lives without guilt or apology.

What can’t you live without?

I can not live without moving my body on a regular basis. I am one of those people who does not need motivating to move and use the only body I have.

What is your wildest dream?

My wildest dream? I have many. One is the end of global hunger which is why I support the work of The Hunger Project. The other is that the collective power of women empowering themselves and each other will have a massive impact on how we treat the planet and each human being.

What is your simplest pleasure?

A cup of hot peppermint tea with honey.

What is your greatest triumph?

I am always creating new triumphs, I believe that is where a fulfilled life comes from, creating goals, reaching them, celebrating them and then creating more. To be currently traveling around Australia with my husband and children for a year feels like a triumph, although I am not sure that they think me homeschooling them is a triumph!!!

Your favourite quote is ….

Only one? Anything is possible

What is your biggest thrill?

Knowing that everyday I have choice.

Do you have a passion project?

My life, my family and my work are my passion projects.

What is a little known secret you can share?

I had a massive crush on John Wayne as a girl, he was so cool.

Give us your best tip for living sustainably.

Grow as much of your own food as you can. It tastes better too.


Kemi has some great tips to get more raw food into our diet. Here are 3 that resonated with me at that conference 2 years ago.

1. Shop around the edges. This was a great little concept. The idea is that when supermarket shopping, only shop around the the walls of the store. That’s were all the great food is! The diary, the fresh meat, vegetables and fruit, the deli and the bread. This food is brought in fresh every day and if we must visit a supermarket this is where we should spend most of our time and money.

2.Green Smoothies. This is a great idea for your morning routine. Kemi gave us her recipe (for the smoothie in her hand) and her website has lots more. But I’ve discovered, you can really add what you like. I’ve been making my own concoction with – spinach leaves (from the garden, but looking very hen pecked), kiwi fruit, yogurt, frozen mango hearts, a banana and a splash of water. Really, I am only restricted by my imagination.

3.Add some raw food to every meal. It doesn’t matter what you eat (or don’t eat) as long as you add raw food to all your meals. Include grated vegetables like carrots and beetroots, always have a green salad with dinner and consciously eat fruit every day.

Kemi’s website is a wealth of information. You can subscribe to her newsletters, download recipes and I’ve just discovered .. she also runs retreats! Plus … there is a DIY retreat you can download for free. Kemi has a new book called Raw Beauty. It  is a wealth of information based on the 7 Principles of Raw Beauty.


Does it sound like I am a fan? You betcha!

Raw food is great for your digestive system, taste buds, purse and of course the environment.

What’s not to love!

Slainte (Irish for cheers) – Colleen


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