July 29, 2015

Time with Karolina Artist


Karolina gave me explicit directions to her art studio. However I did not anticipate the majestic sky-line while driving west towards the township of Clunes. I had to keep stopping to take photos of the cumulonimbus clouds. You know the ones! Massive. Running late and anyway only half listening to her earlier directions, I promptly parked the car in her neighbours yard and then unceremoniously climbed through the wire fencing much to Karolina’s bemusement. I did say I had no drive way. You did??

Karolina Artist is one of the warmest people on the planet. She is so giving, so delightful and so truthful that, while we were sitting and chatting in front of the fire I have to admit that I found her a little … overwhelming! But of course, as you get to know Karolina, she lulls you into her way of seeing life and before you know it you too are thinking and communicating on a higher plain. Her truths are happiness, friendship, generosity and making real connections with people, our environment and ourselves. What’s not to love about this woman.


I asked Karolina a few questions.

Please describe your art. Mmmmm my art is an expression of what extreme joy I feel inside.

What can’t you live without? Clean air

What is your wildest dream? To live to see a change in human consciousness 

What is your simplest pleasure? To step outside my door and be enriched by the generosity of my manicured garden

What is your greatest triumph? I am overwhelmed every time I achieve what I set out to do.

Your favourite quote is …. A man of words and not of deeds is like a garden full of weeds.

What is your biggest thrill? To explain something to a child and witness their learning.

Do you have a passion project? To bring people into my world.

Give us your best tip for living sustainably. Being mindful that what we put into our bodies, strips down the mass produced packaging of a weekly shop and the return to whole foods means everything is in its raw state.

Between the two of us sitting by the fire, Karolina and I stuck up a rather unusual business deal. A bit of eco-bartering if you will! In return for one thousand trees planted on her behalf, Karolina will paint my portrait. Deal is done, keep an eye out for the painting and photos of her trees.

To see Karolina at work, check out Michelle Dunn’s mini-doc on this amazing artist in our midst or go directly to her website.

Slainte – Colleen


Winter. A Season for Radical Rest.
Tree Planting Season.
The Year of the Tawnys.