March 23, 2015

Time with …

I came across Pauline O’Shannessy-Dowling (aka POD) at an art exhibition held in the old Union Building in Ballarat. Straight away I was drawn into her miniature detailed world of skyscrapers, trees and landscapes. I love her work so much that I asked POD to draw for me a collection of trees (indeed 15 trees) which I have since given away as gifts and prizes. POD also designs fabrics and jewellery. She writes poetry and runs with her black lab (Pip) through the streets of Ballarat in the early morn.

She is sooo cool! I hope she gets that studio in Paris.

I asked POD to answer some questions for me so I could introduce her to you.


Please describe your art. My art is whimsical, colourful, illustrative & a joy to produce

What can’t you live without? My daily walks & adventures with Pip

What is your wildest dream? To have a massive, light-filled studio in Paris & Ballarat

What is your simplest pleasure? Walking

What is your greatest triumph? Establishing myself as a practicing artist

Your favourite quote is ….  Be the change you want to see in the world

What is your biggest thrill? That’s easy – running with Pip

Do you have a passion project? I have some artistic ideas & concepts that I will keep working towards, e.g. some of my detailed drawings on a big scale

What is a little known secret you can share? I am secretly in love with Leonard Cohen

Give us your best tip for living sustainably. Give consumerism the flick.


You can find out more about POD and see her amazing work at ArtsAtlas.

Slainte – Colleen



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