November 27, 2020

Trees for Theresa.

We are truly honoured to be helping Tony, Adrian, Christian and Idelle to raise funds to help plant trees in Tasmania as a memorial to their beloved mother Theresa Hawkins. Thank you for entrusting Fifteen Trees with this task.


Theresa Hawkins.


A Living Memorial for Theresa.

Mum loved Tasmania and never wanted to leave this wonderful island. Originally from England, along with her husband Tony they fell in love with Tasmania’s natural beauty, native flora and fauna and its laid back lifestyle. This became home to them, especially Mum. Never one for crowded places Mum loved nothing more than being outside exploring bushlands and mountain ranges, and tending to her garden with a particular interest in native plants.

She attended U Tas as a mature student and found her passion and excelled in her scientific studies in botany & geography…traipsing around Tasmania studying its unique forests and soil compositions.

Fifteen trees is definitely something close to mum’s heart and with her passing knowing that, in some way she is remembered through sustaining Tasmania’s natural flora and indirectly fauna will cherish her memory forever. She wanted to be by trees and through the fantastic work Fifteen Trees does, she always will be.

With our heartfelt gratitude please join us in supporting the purchase & planting of trees in Tasmania for Theresa.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Tony, Adrian, Christian and Idelle.


Tony and Theresa.


Thank you to the following contributors: Idelle Hawkins, Steven Hawkins and Victoria Frischknect. The trees were planted at Dodges Ferry, Tasmania by the Okines Community Gardens Group. The pink robin is a frequent visitor to this district, and the trees planted will go a long way to help revegetate habitat for this adorable little native bird.



Tree tally = 40

Although we never had the pleasure to meet Theresa, from the description of her, she was a ‘woman after our own hearts‘. Vale Theresa.


Colleen Filippa | Founder & Director | Fifteen Trees


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