July 3, 2018

Planting trees is good business.

Winter is tree planting season and across the southern states of Australia, we are in full swing.

Now is a perfect time for businesses to collect their teams and head outside for a few hours of tree planting.


Grow West Planting Day 2017


Jobs are varied. There is more to tree planting than tree planting! Sometimes there needs to be a bit of land-clearing (removing exotic weeds) along with the hole digging, actual tree planting, stakes to be hammered in, protective sleeves slipped on and mulch laid. Sound hard! It is hard! However, ‘many hands … ‘ you know how it goes. The work is rewarding, view it as a team building opportunity. Tree planting connects you to country and community. At the end of a few hours it is amazing to see the amount of work that a small group can accomplish. As the seasons change, real change is seen at the site. Biodiversity is restored, native animals (insects, microorganisms, birds, bat, marsupials and mammals) arrive and the whole area becomes a self-sustaining ecosystem.


corporate team building
Hopkins Falls Landcare Group


And then there are the health benefits. Last year, Planet Ark collated studies from peer-reviewed journals and conducted national surveys for their report Adding Trees – A prescription for Health, Happiness and Fulfilment. They found that nature helps play a big role in making people happier, brighter, calmer and closer. And who wouldn’t want a workplace with those attributes?

Contact us for links to communities who have tree planting projects set to roll and could use a few able hands to help out.

Sláinte – Colleen / July 2018


Winter. A Season for Radical Rest.
Tree Planting Season.
The Year of the Tawnys.