May 22, 2011

One Hundred Cars offset by Ballarat City.

Justin Krousoratis at the Ballarat City Honda and European dealership has just carbon offset his 100th car with Fifteen Trees. Since April 2010 the team at Honda and Peugeot have help to plant 15 trees for each car they sell. The trees have gone mostly to local  Landcare groups, although some of the trees have gone to the reserve at West Gate Park (look down to the left when crossing the bridge into the city).

The Ballarat Courier picked up the story and ran it on Thursday May 19th.

Ballarat City Honda & European has raised the proverbial bat when it comes to looking after the environment. The car dealership recently sold its 100th car that will be carbon neutral as part of an arrangement with local environment group Fifteen Trees. Fifteen Trees encourages local businesses to offset their carbon emissions by planting 15 trees for every car they sell’. The Courier.

Ms Marilyn Stone (pictured at left) was the 100th carbon offset customer and she said that she was delighted to know that “Ballarat businesses such as Ballarat City are doing their bit to look after our natural environment”. On the other side of the car are myself and Damian Shackell (Honda sales consultant).

All up 1500 trees have been planted on Ballarat City’s behalf by Landcare groups. If only all car dealerships were so aware of the huge impact they could have on our local community and environment.

Cheers – Colleen



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