July 1, 2016

Ephemeral Art Competition (ends August 14).

Hi everyone. Competition time!

Until mid August we will be running an Ephemeral Art competition. Ephemeral Art is temporary in nature, created from natural objects and often left in a natural setting. These are objects of beauty, meant to be enjoyed for a short time, such as sand sculptures or arrangements of flowers, leaves or bark.


To judge our competition, we have the very talented local architect and artist Talina Edwards. She has a passion for the environment, sustainable design, green building and natural living. Talina’s love of art, nature and photography has lead to her interest in ephemeral art. Her web page shows some beautiful examples of her own ephemeral creations at www.talinaedwards.com.au



The prize for our competition is this beautiful brooch by Angus & Celeste. Over the last four years Fifteen Trees have built a partnership with Angus & Celeste, planting over one thousand trees on their behalf.


Please submit your photos either below in the comments section or via our Facebook site, we will collect them from there and compile them for Talina choose one to her liking.

Kate and Colleen


Nature’s time capsules.
Winter. A Season for Radical Rest.
Tree Planting Season.