September 16, 2022

Hobsons Bay Greens Fundraiser.

Trees are nature’s quiet achievers, capturing carbon and providing habitat for myriad native creatures. This Spring we want all Victorians to give nature a helping hand by buying a “tree for nature”. In doing so, you will be helping to turn the Hobsons Bay district green in every sense of the word. So, buy some trees today! Do it for the birds, the animals and the planet!


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The hills of the Brisbane Ranges.


This spring, the Hobsons Bay Greens are aiming to sell 500 trees earmarked for immediate planting in the Brisbane Ranges and You Yangs in Western Victoria, Wadawurrung Country. This fundraiser will support the campaign of their candidate for Point Cook (formerly Altona) in the November state election. Trees cost $10.00 of which $4.00 will go towards purchasing the trees and $6.00 towards the Point Cook election campaign. Fundraiser will run until October 23rd.


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Little birds of the You Yangs.


Buying a tree is a great way to have a directly positive impact on our environment while also supporting a candidate looking to make positive change in his local electorate. We’d love if you could share this fundraiser with your friends and family to increase your impact!


Purchase your trees here!


Writers; Colleen Filippa (Fifteen Trees) and Jenn Wilson (Hobsons Bay Greens).


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