January 29, 2021

Your favourite Hannah is turning 21!


Tree Tally – 46


Instead of enabling my sock addiction by gifting socks, gift me a tree instead! Buy 1, buy 5 or even 15 trees! The sky is your limit! And the best part you don’t need to get your hands dirty as the trees will be planted on your behalf by Fifteen Trees! Each tree donation will make my heart grow big and strong from appreciating y’all, growing big and strong just like the trees! Hannah

Thank you to the following contributors of trees for Hannah; Deborah DeBuhr, Luke Debuhr, Robert Fowler, Abbey Matheson, Tracy Linhardt, Hannah’s uncles, Charlotte Sutton, Kelsey Thomson and Brittany Alyshe.

Hannah’s birthday trees were planted in West Gippsland by the Mount Worth and District Landcare Group. This community group are working hard to revegetate the steep land and to protect it from land slips and erosion. They are also keen to revegetate to help improve populations of native animals such as the lyre bird and platypus. What a beautiful place for Hannah’s 21st trees.




Many happy returns Hannah, what a wonderful group of loving family and friends you have gathered around you. And of course, the planet gathers around you too.


Sláinte – Colleen

Colleen Filippa | Director + Founder | Fifteen Trees


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Tree Planting Season.
The Year of the Tawnys.