Raising money for your school while at the same time supporting community groups with their tree planting projects.

How does it work?

  • Students sell trees to their families and friends in the form of ‘tree cards’. Actual trees or plants are not distributed.
  • Trees cost $5.00 ($4.00 goes toward the cost of getting the trees planted and $1.00 goes towards the school’s fund-raising campaign).
  • In exchange for buying a tree, the customer receives a ‘tree card’.
  • Once the campaign is over, Fifteen Trees organised the trees to be planted,
  • The school finds their trees by typing the name of their school into the search box on the Fifteen Trees website.

Tree business-cards to sell (5 designs).

In 2021, money raised by schools will go towards planting habitat trees for Victorian wild koalas. The Koala Clancy Foundation and The Mornington Peninsula Koala Conservation Project are two not-for-profit associations set up to support the wild koalas of the Western Plains and the Morning Peninsula. Proceeds from your fundraiser will go directly to these two organisation.

Some hints for your fundraising campaign.

  • Get your ‘green’ team on the job selling the trees,
  • Let people know what you are raising the money for,
  • Run the campaign for a set period (around 3 weeks seems to be ideal),
  • Let us promote (and even collect extra funds) for your campaign via a blog-post on our website (that you can share),
  • Tie in with an event or special day such as World Wildlife Day (March 3rd), National Eucalyptus Day (March 23rd), Earth Day (April 22nd), World Environment Day (June 5th) or National Tree Day for Schools (Friday July 30th).

Minimum tree number 100. No up-front payment. We supply all materials. Would you like to find out more? Could you please include the name of your school/organisation into the message.

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