November 4, 2020

Eco Celebrations!

Having a celebration?


You’ve got the date, venue, guest list, drinks ordered, food organised and want to ensure this party is going to be a sustainable one!


We LOVE you!


And we can help you to run an even greener event by organising to plant one tree on the behalf of every guest ($4.80/tree). With enough notice, the trees could be planted before the event, therefore giving you the opportunity to show your guests their trees on the day!


Image by Garden Party


Some tips for running your eco-celebration:

  • Buy one tree on the behalf of every guest.
  • Let people know you are running an eco-celebration.
  • Promote businesses that have green policies. Ask companies (e.g. the venue) for their policies and if they don’t have one, go elsewhere but tell them why! This is a very powerful way to make businesses ‘step up’. Here in the Central Highlands of Victoria we recommend Evolution Photography and Events. They make it easy for you to host eco-friendly celebrations with no waste. No more disposable cutlery, plates and tablecloths.



  • Encourage public transport or bike riding by offering fun eco-prizes, free glass of wine etc when they present their train/bus ticket or bike helmet. Give instructions as to which tram, bus or train to take to the venue.
  • Give promotional sustainable gifts that are made from local producers (with little/no packaging).
  • Encourage recycling with simple systems.
  • Offer vegetarian meals. 
  • Don’t offer plastic water bottles. Have glasses and water jugs on hand. Ask the venue to adhere to this.
  • Don’t give out plastic straws! Ditch the straw. Again ask the venue to adhere.

Got other ideas to add to our list? Please feel free to make a suggestion in the comment section below and we’ll update this blogpost.


Let us help you make your celebration an eco one!


Writer – Colleen Filippa | Director & Founder | Fifteen Trees


For more information contact Melinda at <[email protected]> or purchase trees here.

Here are some of our trees from an eco-wedding last year.


Winter. A Season for Radical Rest.
Tree Planting Season.
The Year of the Tawnys.