August 5, 2019

Deciduous or native? That is the question!

Are you trying to add some trees to your garden and are unsure of what varieties will suit your needs best?


There are many factors that come into play when deciding on trees for your home, from aesthetics to functionality. We have some amazing native trees in Australia, but there are also a number of reasons to choose deciduous trees as well.


Keep reading to learn more about both types of trees and why each may be right for you.


Deciduous Trees

  • They regulate the temperature

If you spend a lot of time outside throughout the entire year, then deciduous tree may be able to regulate the temperature of your garden. Because they only hold leaves during the warmer months, deciduous trees will provide shade in the heat of summer and let the sun shine through in the cooler winter months.

If your deciduous trees grow big enough, they can even largely affect the light and heat that enters your home. The window and glass experts at Mark Rogerson Glass claim that “natural light is extremely important to a building’s atmosphere and evergreen trees can block out a lot of light from entering the windows during the colder months. Deciduous trees do not have this issue and will make the most of your beautiful windows and home. This can save you from relying on artificial lighting and heat sources.”


  • Many fruit trees are deciduous

Have you ever dreamed of owning a fruit tree in your back garden? Or enjoying the ripe taste of freshly picked fruit on a hot summer day? Many fruit trees are deciduous, including stone fruits (plums, peaches and cherries), pomme (apples and pears), and a number of others including mulberries and figs.

Choose varieties that will do well in your climate and you should have greater success. Like all deciduous trees, these fruit trees will become dormant in winter. But, come the warmer months, you should have a bountiful supply of amazing fruit to pick.


  • Their leaves can look majestic

It can be beautiful to watch the transforming colours and shedding of the leaves of deciduous tree in autumn. The rich golden tones of these leaves as the seasons change will add colour and character to your garden. Choose varieties such as maple or liquid-amber for maximum impact.

The downfall that comes with these majestic colours are that they then fall all over your property. The driveway experts at Driveway Doctor have found “many of our customers require our professional cleaning services for the damage their deciduous trees do to their driveways during autumn, as they can stain the finish if left to decompose. It can be slightly frustrating having to rake up everything, but the leaves can be composted and feed the rest of your plants for the rest of the year.”


fruit tree
Orchard trees are deciduous.


Native Trees

  • They are low maintenance

Because native trees have adapted to the Australian environment, they often require very little attention. This means you can spend less time on the upkeep of your garden, and more time enjoying it. Native trees also often require very little water in addition to the natural rain. This will be beneficial for the environment, and save you money on your water bill at the same time. It’s a win-win!


  • It will encourage native wildlife to visit

Planting native trees can help sustain the native ecosystem. With high rates of deforestation, many native animals and insects struggle to find the plants that their bodies have adapted to consuming and using as homes for thousands of years. By planting native trees, native wildlife such as possums, birds and insects will be drawn to your garden for the food and shelter that your plants provide. This will not only support the natural ecosystem and help prevent species extinction, but it also means that you will get to see some amazing local animals close up!

Interacting with nature brought to your garden can even be beneficial for your health. This is backed up by the natural health experts at Get a Healthy Life, who recommend spending time in nature surrounded by both plants and animals. They say that “this can help us feel grounded and reduce stress levels. Stress can impact our bodies physically, so finding ways to reduce it, such as spending time daily in your garden watching the visiting birds flit around, will make you feel better overall.”


  • They are unique and beautiful

Many Australian plants are extremely unique and many cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Celebrate and preserve our heritage through planting some of the amazing plants that our country is home to. If you are interested in cooking, there are a large variety of bush tucker trees that you can grow and incorporate into your dishes to wow your family and friends.


gum tree
Native trees are not deciduous, but they still lose a lot of leaves (and bark).


There are many benefits to both native and deciduous trees and it all depends on your vision for your garden.

If you are looking for something unique yet low maintenance, then native trees may be for you. If you are looking for something striking that will regulate light, or you are a fan of stone fruit, deciduous trees are the way to go. You may even decide to go with a mixture of both, to create a garden unique to you.


Writer – Charlie Wilson.


Charlie is an Australian writer and uni student living in Melbourne. He is passionate about technology and the latest innovations. Charlie also has a love for animal welfare, regularly taking breaks from work to volunteer with the local pet rescue.


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