September 13, 2019

Carolyn’s Birthday Wish … trees!

Carolyn Denton has a birthday coming up. On Tuesday 24th September to be exact. This year, Carolyn is doing something different!

For her birthday, Carolyn is asking her friends and family to buy her a tree (or trees). She is aiming for 100 trees! Two trees for every year she has ‘circled the sun’ and then an extra 8 to round up! Carolyn’s trees will be planted before the end of spring, by the wonderful Friends of Westgate Reserve, Melbourne. Once planted, this blog will be updated with photos of the trees and a short story about the tree planting day.

Birthday Girl.
Well, I actually don’t need anything. I am trying my hardest to do the right thing for the planet by being vegan, re-using, recycling, trying not to buy things in plastic or buy things I don’t need, I buy second hand, etc etc. I do what a lot of my friends and family are doing to have a small impact on the planet. However, while I’m not big on having ‘things’, I do LOVE to travel! And air travel especially, flies in the face of trying to limit my impact on the planet.  One option would be to not go! But all my plans and dreams for life involve travel of some sort, which can impact people positively (income for locals, experiences for me) but our planet negatively. The second option is to reduce the negative impact of my travel by getting  trees planted to trap carbon. That way I can continue to enjoy travel without feeling guilty or having to give it up.
     Carolyn Denton

This is the first time we have done crowd-sourcing through our website. And we are pretty excited, as this could be a way for people having birthdays, weddings etc to nicely ask that their friends and family purchase some trees on their behalf.

Trees for Carolyn’s birthday.


UPDATE: We have planted 55 trees for Carolyn’s birthday. Thank you for contributing. Here is the link …

Thank you Carolyn for thinking of the planet when thinking of your birthday.

Sláinte – Colleen (Founder and Director Fifteen Trees).





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